4 very simple tricks to stretch the pizza in the pan without shrinking and enjoy tall and very soft slices

4 very simple tricks to stretch the pizza in the pan without shrinking and enjoy tall and very soft slices

Round or rectangular, pizza is a great pride of Italian cuisine, with its smooth edges that, like a frame, enclose all the ingredients. There are countless pizzerias, each with its own secret recipe, but homemade pizza tastes completely different. Mixing flour, water, yeast and salt we will create our dough from scratch, following its growth until baking. That is why it would never be too late to start and for those who are just starting out, an easy and quick-cooking dough can be ideal. In addition, one of the possible errors of the first few times would be to overdo the quantities a bit, but if there was leftover dough we could transform it into many sweet or savory delicacies.

However, those putting their hands in the dough for the first time could also face another setback. Pizza dough, once transferred to the pan, may not unfold easily and will continually shrink despite our best efforts. What to do then to avoid this little culinary drama? We reveal it to you in this article, knowing some little tricks that will make us look like real pizza makers.

4 very simple tricks to stretch the pizza in the pan without shrinking and enjoy tall and very soft slices

To cook homemade pizza, the two fundamental tools are the oven and the pan. The latter will accommodate our dough from raw to cooked and therefore to avoid difficulties when stretching it we must start from it. In fact, before starting we must grease it with extra virgin olive oil, to spread on the base and the edges. In this way we will create a slippery bed that will encourage our dough to stretch as we go.

trick number 2

After creating the dough and letting it rise for the first time, according to the times indicated in the recipe, we must pass it directly to the pan. This means that we should not work it with our hands or with a rolling pin, but simply transfer it from the bowl to the pan. In this way we will prevent the yeast from abruptly blocking and we will prevent the gluten mesh from becoming too resistant and hard.

trick number 3

After racking, we must let the dough rise for the second time. In this way it will be perfectly smooth, slightly elastic and very easy to spread. The yeast, therefore, would be a fundamental step because it would “relax” the mesh created by the gluten, which will expand as soon as we touch it.

trick number 4

Finally, to stretch the dough we should only use our hands and not the rolling pin as it could lose consistency and harden even after cooking.

In this case, however, we must respect a series of rules:

  • use only your fingertips;
  • touch the dough essentials;
  • push and spread inside out;
  • grease your hands well;
  • Dust the dough with flour to make it less sticky.

So here are the 4 very simple tricks to stretch homemade pizza when we use the pan and make its preparation even easier.

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