a gathering to reward Unicam and chef Iginia Carducci

a gathering to reward Unicam and chef Iginia Carducci

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12/05/2022 – Everything was born to have fun, then came the European gastronomic recognition.

This is a summary of the brief recent history of vincisgrassi, probably the most popular dish among those of the past in the Marche, but even more so in the Macerata area and reducing the field even more in the interior of the Macerata province. The path is the result of a growing and more qualified activity of the Association of Vincisgrassi di Castelraimondo, which, thanks to the chef Iginia Carducci and the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences of Unicam, has recently led to the European recognition of vincisgrassi alla macerata, obtained through the registry. in the European Official Journal on March 31, 2022 under the name STG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed).

According to updated data from the Quality Observatory, this typical dish is the fourth specialty of Italian EDTs after buffalo mozzarella, piazza napoletana and amatriciana. The Vincisgrassi Academy of Castelraimondo, chaired by Dr. Giacomo Velegnoni and the only one in Italy, has organized for next Saturday, at the “Osteria dei Fiori” restaurant in Macerata, a potluck based on this dish, to pay tribute to the chef Iginia Carducci and the University of Camerino, which together were decisive in obtaining the prestigious European recognition.

President, how did the idea of ​​creating the Accademia dei Vincisgrassi come about?
“It was an idea of ​​​​lawyer Mario Cavallaro – says Giacomo Velegnoni (in the photo below) – we met, we spent an afternoon together in a restaurant in the area and we thought of founding this Academy of Vincisgrassi. There was no such association, Mario wanted create it, also to give prestige, visibility and importance to this traditional dish that represents our tradition and culture. As for the areas where it is best prepared, I am referring mainly to Macerata and Fermo”.

What kind of activities does the Academy carry out in addition to valuing and promoting vincigrassi?
“To be honest, we were born as a purely goliardic activity, not to carry out scientific, research or cultural activities such as the Cooking Academy. It has been that way for a long time. It is also true, however, that lately we wanted to elevate ourselves, then the pandemic broke out and in the last 2 years we have been absolutely silent, before however we organized some events during the year, we organized a couple of classic dinners based on vincisgrassi, after also a dinner along the course of Castelraimondo (between the two bars, so to speak), but this was based on fish from the Adriatic and we did it for about 7 years. In addition, every year we organize a trip to the most popular places in the Marche. and also outside the region such as Matera, Castel del Monte, Trani, Arezzo-Cortona. Everything is organized and decided by a board of directors and it will be the same for the future.”

We know that vincisgrassi recipes are varied and personalized by those who prepare them, but which of them has been granted European recognition?
“From what was communicated to us, reference was made to the recipe of the chef Iginia Carducci from Macerata, who presented the vincisgrassi dish according to the Tirabasso recipe, because actually (besides the variety of interpretations) there are two of them, precisely that of Tirabasso, which is more macerated, and one that is that of Nebbia, which is closer to how they are prepared in the interior areas, to our reality of the superior macerated: the most evident difference is in the use of the bechamel ( yes or no) and the same for chicken giblets”.

What does this recognition mean for the Academy and the gastronomic tradition of Macerata?
“For us and our territorial reality, it is a flagship and if it is used well, it can act as an engine of the economy linked to gastronomic tourism, like the tortellini in Emilia Romagna.”

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