a special recipe for each zodiac sign

a special recipe for each zodiac sign


– One of the most suitable recipes for your palate could be chicken a la diabla, cooked in the oven together with many smoked and hot spices and accompanied of course by potatoes, baked in the oven with their skin and served with a special sauce such as ” barbecue”. It likes strong flavors and can eat many dishes even when they are still hot and steaming.


– For your demanding palate, which is not easily satisfied, you need a delicious and possibly carbohydrate-based recipe. Lasagna is undoubtedly one of the dishes that can satisfy you the most, especially when the fresh pasta is homemade. In your dishes the sauce is always abundant and a good amount of bechamel will make the lasagna more tasty.


– You like to change in the kitchen, as well as in every area of ​​your life. For this reason, one of your favorite recipes could be the “sea and land” paella, with vegetables, fish and meat. You prefer that others cook for you, mainly due to time constraints. Such a dish can only be accompanied by sangria, tastefully prepared with fruits and red wine.


– You like to spend your free time in the kitchen, especially if you are asked to prepare a dessert for your family. One of your favorite recipes is the classic homemade donut with yogurt and flavored with lemon vanilla. Its smell will also reach the neighbors, who will probably want to be invited to eat it with you and yours.


– You’re not a particularly sophisticated person in the kitchen, but you don’t mind flashy dishes. That is why you are a great lover of sausages and cheese boards. You like the idea that someone has arranged them in a way that makes them more palatable and flavorful. You are happy to share them with those who have the pleasure of accompanying you for a good brunch or a snack at your favorite restaurant.


– You are always very attentive to your figure and you prefer to avoid big drunkenness. One of the recipes that you prefer to eat or cook could be whole wheat spaghetti dressed with arugula pesto (strictly homemade with arugula and almonds) and cherry tomatoes that have grown in your little garden and that you have dried. With you there is no risk of exceeding calories.


– With you it is easy to go to the kitchen without fail. You like sophisticated recipes, not too heavy and well served and on the plate. The caesar salad, with grilled chicken, iceberg greens, croutons and yogurt sauce, is a good compromise for combining something light with something savory. You prefer to eat it in the restaurant to keep everything in order and avoid dirtying the stove or the kitchen.


– Among your favorite recipes are certainly the rustic empanadas, of which it is difficult to know the content before having served them. You eat many different foods, but there are some that you can’t stand the sight or the smell of, and in this case, you have to be careful about your reaction when you discover that they are on your plate. You like strange and very spicy or tasty combinations.


– You are a person who loves to travel and have experimented with various dishes around the world. If it were up to you, there would be no preset recipes because you always like to customize each dish. The most appropriate in your case, therefore, could be an exotic salad, with shrimp, pineapple, iceberg salad and chopped almonds, accompanied by the spices that inspire you when you eat it.


– Usually you don’t have a lot of time, not only to cook, but also to enjoy some of your favorite dishes. Among these is undoubtedly the hamburger, possibly served with French fries. Sometimes you ask to be served on the plate because you want to avoid eating bread and exceeding the daily amount of carbohydrates in your diet. You are very grateful for the delivery.


– It is important that you are original even at the table. Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, you like to experiment with meatless dishes from time to time, to see if they can somehow help you feel fit, too. One recipe to experiment with is vegetarian carbonara: choose the pasta shape you prefer and season it with egg, parmesan (or pecorino) and zucchini instead of bacon.


– Your problem, when you cook, is that you tend to completely dirty the stove and the support table. However, you like to experiment at home with recipes that you usually try in restaurants. Among these is undoubtedly the cacciucco, a dish based on fish, served in the deep plate and accompanied by crispy croutons. Do you like to accompany it with a glass of white wine or champagne.

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