Amazon Echo Dot is priced on Black Friday: -60%

Amazon Echo Dot is priced on Black Friday: -60%

are the basis of each smart House and they cannot be missing in the living room or in the kitchen if we want to consult the voice assistants: they are the smart speakerthose little mic speakers we direct ours at commandswaiting for a response.

Amazon It has a whole range, made up of models from several generations. starts from echo pointthe smallest and cheapest of all that, at the moment, is on the market in two versions: the fourth generation Echo Dot, launched in 2020, and 3rd generation Echo Dot, released in 2018, both arrived in Italy a few months after their release in the United States. So Amazon still sells the Echo Dot from a few years ago, and not without reason: Most of the features of the Echo Dot 4 are also available on the Echo Dot 3, which however has lower audio quality than the older model. new. But to make the home smart, small changes and the Echo Dot 3 is fine, especially now that it’s almost gifted.

Amazon Echo Dot 3: technical characteristics

The third generation Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker of small size, which takes up very little space. We can use it for listen to streaming songs (Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, TuneIn are supported) or podcast Y audiobooks (with audible).

We can use it to ask questions Alexa and get the answers set timers and alarms, listen to the main news or request weather information. Then we can also use it for command smart devices present in the house, such as light bulbs or the thermostat.

with function Enter a moment we can call another Echo device in another room, or send messages, without having to use our hands (very convenient when cooking). Then, like all Amazon devices, it can be infinitely upgraded with alexa skill: there are thousands, many even in Italian.

Amazon Echo Dot 3: today it costs very little

Amazon devices go on sale regularly, and these days it’s easier to find them on sale than at full price. But this time heoffering is one to remember: the third-gen Amazon Echo Dot drops from €49.99 to €19.99 (-€30, -60%). This is the same price as last Black Friday.

Echo Dot – Third generation – Smart speaker with Alexa integration