Amici 21, the student collapses in the house: Maria De Filippi intervenes

Amici 21, the student collapses in the house: Maria De Filippi intervenes

Friends of Maria de Filippi: During the last day of the program, Albe had a strong collapse. The presenter has decided to intervene and chat with him.

Albe Amici (instagram)

Friends from Mary of Filippi: Albe lives very difficult times in the most spied on school in Italy. The semifinal of the program is already very close and for this occasion there will be two eliminated, since the final will be made up of five people. The remaining competitors begin to really feel the ground trembling under their feet, because they know that leaving one step from the end would be very sad.

Among the most frightened is undoubtedly Albe, who knows that he has to face three great protagonists: his fellow singers who remained, in fact, were the most beloved of this edition and he is convinced that he cannot compete.

Friends of Maria de Filippi: Albe’s collapse, the presenter intervenes

During the last day broadcast on Canale Cinque, Albe was cooking when suddenly the voice of Mary of Filippi to have a chat with him.

Maria immediately noticed that he was sad, so she decided to let him blow off some steam. Ella albe said that she feels weird because she knows that these will be the last days in the cabin. “I have this feeling, I feel certain things and I know that I am preparing the last challenge gloves. Sissi, Luigi and Alex have been very strong all year and now I’m against them, I know I can’t compete” has declared.

I’m so sorry to go out now, but I know it’s going to happen. And then I apologize for the glove that Anna Pettinelli sent, because it seems that I am always the least serious of all just because I do certain songs“.

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Maria tried to cheer him up, pointing out that he is a very sensitive boy and that everyone understood him. She eventually managed to make him smile again.