among 1,500 competitors, the Granda Province team achieved two gold medals and one silver (PHOTO GALLERY)

among 1,500 competitors, the Granda Province team achieved two gold medals and one silver (PHOTO GALLERY)

ITALIAN CUISINE CHAMPIONSHIPS 1500 chefs, 45 judges and countless “last dish” challenges characterized the sixth edition of the Italian Cuisine Championships, organized by the Italian Federation of Chefs and held from March 27 to 30 at the Rimini Fair.

An event designed to highlight one of the excellences of the Italian tradition, that of cuisine, appreciated, celebrated and known throughout the world, and which in this context has revealed that it is the cuisine of the South of the boot that dictates the law . with its raw materials, its flavors and aromas, with Campania, Sicily and Puglia occupying the three steps of the podium in the final medal table.

However, excellent indications also came from Piedmont, competing for the Association of Cooks of the Granda Province, which with two gold medals and one silver went on to occupy the tenth position overall.

“It was an important and prestigious participation for our team – said Caterina Quaglia, provincial and regional manager of Lady Chef, fresh from the exciting experience in the kitchens of the Sanremo Festival and here called to supervise the Piedmontese team – that is why I would like to I would like to congratulate all the students, teachers and schools of origin for the preparation shown. We have obtained excellent results and this confirms the professional level reached by the chefs of the Province of Cuneo and makes me think that all of them can have a professional career ahead of them. thriving and full of satisfactions».

The winner at the end of the contest as best student was Andrea Serale from the IIS “Giolitti Bellisario” – Hotel Institute of Mondovì accompanied by professors Silvio Pellegrino and Paolo Peirano, who won the contest with his “Uovo pochè alla fiorentina revisited with mornay sauce mousse” , a spinach and double boiled egg variation Andrea Serale also received the “Special Social Award”.

The second gold came on Tuesday 29 in the exciting “Mystery Box” challenge: at the end of three fierce heats, it was the student of the IIS Virginio Donadio – Hotel Institute of Dronero Pietro Chiesa, paired with the team captain Chef Fabrizio Frongia , from Agriturismo Casa Bianca in the village of San Sebastiano di Fossano, who also personally took care of all the training and testing for the participants in the competition.

Instead, the silver medal was awarded on Sunday 27 by Lady Chef Silvana Musej of Relais Cuba de Cuneo, in the “Trophy for Best Professional Lady Chef” and the Life Foster special mention.

Then came the awards to Lady Chef Silvia Facello, owner of the Redibis restaurant in Carrù, who participated in the “Team Lady Chef Teams” competition, cooking according to the rules of a real competition, and to the couple Silvana Musej and Jonathan Andreis. always in the “Mystery Box” challenge.

“It was a great emotion -continued Caterina Quaglia- the restaurant sector has suffered a severe blow after the Covid emergency and breathing this joyful atmosphere again is something that is priceless. Meeting and competing with chefs from all over Italy was very stimulating for the Piedmont team, but what excited us the most was experiencing the joy of being all together, of facing the best professionals in the sector, admiring the passion and ability of many young people who approach the kitchen and with determination intend to continue with this stronghold of Italian culture and tradition.Back from Rimini and precisely on Monday, April 4, on the occasion of the ICF national assembly in Gardaland, we still enjoy great satisfaction for the young Andrea Serale, who, thanks to his triumph in the competition as “Best Student”, he was awarded the title of “Ambassador of the territory” by the star chef Enrico Crippa, an award still deserved, and echoed by the great satisfactions that have gratified us in this great Championship of Italian Cuisine».

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The photo gallery of some of the significant moments of the Provincia Granda team in the Championship

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