An unforgettable sailing experience, carried gently by the wind.

An unforgettable sailing experience, carried gently by the wind.

To fully enjoy the marine beauties, traveling through enchanting landscapes in constant movement and exploring hidden corners and charming little coves, nothing better than a sailboat. With the arrival of summer, the mind begins to pleasantly project towards vacations, perhaps towards enchanting settings made of white beaches and crystal clear sea. In fact, the sea has always been a great attraction for many tourists; the warmth of the sun, the lapping of the waves, the smell of salt, the sweet rhythmic sound of the waves breaking on the rocks and the song of the seagulls, help to create a true relaxing and regenerating.

AN sailing vacation is capable of offering such an immersive and unforgettable experience, gliding silently over clear water powered only by the wind. To live this pleasant adventure, however, it is not necessary to be an expert in sailing or to have a lot of time and resources; even for those who have never had this experience, there are some truly fascinating and affordable offerings.

A weekend by boat and sailing: the baptism of the sea

To spend a pleasant moment between the waves, you can also book just one weekend on a sailboat, for example with To approach the world of sailing you do not need to have experience; it is possible to reserve the formula sea ​​baptismwhich includes two days by boat, with a skipper, gently gliding over the sea of gulf of poets and the five lands. The package includes accommodation, boat and instructor, for a first approach to the world of sailing.

At the lake for a relaxing weekend

For lovers of fresh water, another pleasant formula allows them to spend a romantic weekend on a sailboat on the lake as a couple or a fun experience with friends. In addition, in this case it is not necessary to participate in courses or have previous experiences, but only a great desire for wind and sun. During the day, the sailboat sails on the sweet waters of the lake, with packed lunches on the dock or on the hood; at the end of the day, aperitifs in the port, dinners and after-meals offer pleasant moments of fun and relaxation.

Nautical license course: from simple passenger to captain

After spending a nice windswept weekend, it often happens that the world of sailing is even more exciting than expected. In this case, an interesting possibility to consider is the Nautical License Course Within 12 Miles, motor or sailing. This course can be managed in two different formulas, one of which is divided into two weekends, for those who have little time but still want to learn the secrets of sailing. There weekend formula includes two theoretical weekends in a classroom, a pre-exam evening and a boat trip. There classic formula, ideal for those who have more time, instead offers 10 theoretical lessons of 2 hours. Alternatively, you can also take the courses. online.

Whatever the modality chosen, the course prepares you for a theoretical and practical exam that allows you to obtain the boat license. From that moment on, new sailing enthusiasts will have the opportunity to live this splendid experience in contact with nature, not as passengers, but as captains at the helm.

Who to trust for a nice weekend on a sailboat

A valid possibility to spend a good weekend by the sea or the lake is to trust Living the Navigation, a sailing school that has been in operation since 1983, with operational headquarters in Milan and nautical bases in La Spezia and Como. Being affiliated with FIV, it is able to offer courses for all kinds of nautical licenses, as well as excursions, cruises , regattas and various events on the waves. The outings available to the sea or the lake are especially comfortable thanks to the fleet of cabin boats, which guarantee maximum comfort and safety. The main scenarios of these nautical experiences are the fresh waters of the lakes of Domaso, Gravedona, Menaggio, Varenna Y Bellagiothe sea of five lands He was born in gulf of poetsor the Tyrrhenian.

Who already has some experience, can decide rent a sailboat for a weekend on the lake or at sea, living and cooking on board. In the heart of Upper Lake Como, for example, it is possible to have boats from 6 to 9 meters with an outboard motor available, upon request also with an instructor on board, to feel more secure. Lovers of the sea can rent a comfortable yacht from 11 to 14 meters, with 7 or 8 seats, departing from Marina di Fezzano, in the Gulf of Spezia, to enchanting places. And during the weekends interesting events are scheduled, such as the VLV Lake Encounterwith regattas, boat and land games, dinner with music and drinks, cups and medals on Lake Domaso, or the VLV meeting by the seawith the same fun, costumes, prizes and live DJs.

The alternatives for a pleasant spending weekend on a sailboat They are therefore varied even for those who have little time, whether you want to relax by the sea gently gliding on the crystal clear waves, or enjoy the placid atmosphere of the lake environment while sailing pushed by the wind. Whatever the choice, this experience of nature, relaxation and adventure will be unforgettable for anyone.