Angela tried to defend herself, beaten by her husband with 12 blows β€’

Angela tried to defend herself, beaten by her husband with 12 blows β€’

They were 12 and not 7, as it seemed at first, the bars that Rafael Fogliamanzillo threw in the direction of his wife, angela avitabileinside his daughter’s apartment on via Portugal, in Rimini, on the night of April 22. Two, however, were fatal: one aimed at the jugular, the other at the carotid artery.. The woman also reported multiple puncture wounds, including to the hands, a sign that she tried to defend herself as best she could from her husband’s ferocity. These are the conclusions reached by the forensic doctor appointed by the Rimini Public Prosecutor’s Office to carry out the autopsy in the body of the 62-year-old man.

Fogliamanzillo, now confined in the Casetti prison in Rimini, last Friday at the height of the umpteenth argument with his wife, which always arose from jealousy, had grabbed a knife and was merciless with the woman. He was convinced that Angela was cheating on him with another man that on the day of the murder he would have seen even on the landing of the house. In truth, the beliefs only existed in his mind. Fogliamanzillo, in fact, has been in treatment for more than 10 years at the Rimini Mental Health Center for an anxious depressive syndrome that can also cause hallucinations.

During the guarantee interrogation on Monday before the investigating judge Benedetta Vitolo, in which the confessed murderer alternated moments of lucidity with others of delirium, he recounted through tears: β€œAngela and I had been together for 45 years and I loved her. But something has changed since last year because he was cheating on me. We had a fight and she admitted the betrayal by calling me a cuckold and insulting me. She then she took a broom to hit me and I reacted. But I don’t remember what happened next. She was cooking pasta with tomato sauce, so I don’t know what happened.”

Fogliamanzillo’s defender, the lawyer Viviana Pellegrini, announced the psychiatric report request in the event of an evidentiary incident for your client. Who keeps repeating that he wants to attend his wife’s funeral: “I can’t have killed her”.