Audiobooks: here’s how to listen to them for free

Audiobooks: here’s how to listen to them for free

Let yourself be accompanied within extraordinary stories by the voice of a narrator, thanks to the platforms that allow you to listen to free audiobooks.

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Incredibly widespread today, the audiobooks they are audio recordings that contain the reading, by a narrator, of a certain book. This way of live reading allows all those who like to immerse themselves in the pages of extraordinary stories being able to do it even while you are busy doing something else, never giving up one’s pleasure exciting narration.

if you too I love listening to audiobooks.or you would like to approach this world to start listening to your favorite titles anywhere and at any time of the day, even while you are in the car, cooking or walking the dog, you are in the right place: in this article you will discover how to listen to free audiobooks.

Listen to free audiobooks

to help you listen free audiobooksbelow we have selected two platforms among the most used and appreciated by users, which allow you to have access to thousands of titles without additional costs and with a free use period.


Among the most famous and appreciated we find without a doubt Amazon Audible, the platform of Amazon dedicated to the audiobooks and me Podcast. Thanks to Audible you can have access to thousands of titlesamong which also Audible originaldirectly from the free application without any limits or interruptions, to be able to live your favorite stories anywhere and anytime (Audiblein fact, you can also use disconnected).

To have access on the way completely free to the catalog of Amazon Audible and thus have a multitude of audiobooks to choose, it is necessary take out a subscription.

Sign up for Amazon Audible here

Also, if you’ve never subscribed to Amazon Audiblean 30-day free trial: a way to dive free of charge on this platform and start experiencing everything amazing stories included in the catalog.

After the free usage period ends, you can continue to use Audible and have access no additional cost to your catalog for only €9.99 per month.


There second and last platform that we want to talk to you about, which allows you listen free audiobooks, is Storytel, considered one of the largest streaming services in the industry. With a catalog that offers beyond 400,000 titles between audiobooks, podcasts and e-books, Tale allows its users to have unlimited access to all the titles, available in three different languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

What Audibleto have access to the Full Storytel Catalog and listen to all the titles you want directly from yours mobile devicewhat’s more disconnectedit is necessary take out a subscription. For all new customers Storytel is free for 14 daysafter which you can continue listen to all the audiobooks you want for free choosing to subscribe to one of the available subscriptions: Unlimited, Unlimited + either Unlimited for students.

    for €4.99 per month
    for €9.99 per month
    for €89.99 per month (with a saving of 25% compared to the monthly subscription)
    for €14.99 per month

If you want to know more, check out our dedicated article: How much does a Storytel subscription cost?

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