Bra, Raschera and Toma Piemontese triumph in the two days dedicated to the flavors of the territory

Bra, Raschera and Toma Piemontese triumph in the two days dedicated to the flavors of the territory

The two traditional days of the Consortia for the protection of Bra, Raschera and Toma Piemontese cheeses, held in Scarnafigi on the weekend of April 30 to May 1 in conjunction with the Spring Fair, were, as always, a success. The “City of Cheeses” has welcomed big names in haute cuisine, world pizza stars and events that have confirmed the close link with the territory, such as the award ceremony for 21 children born in 2021 in Scarnafigi and Ruffia, who the Consortiums have given each one a wheel of the famous La Granda PDO dairy product and a box of apples in collaboration with Joinfruit. On this occasion, the mayor of Scarnafigi, Riccardo Ghigo, also donated a symbolic financial contribution of 100 euros to each child. The two days were also attended by numerous regional, provincial and local political authorities who did not fail to congratulate those responsible for the Consortia for the initiative.

To inaugurate the two scarnafigese days was the president of the three Protection Consortiums, Franco Biraghi, flanked by the vice-presidents Marco Quaglia and Mario Cappa: “Honoring the representatives of our future with our dairy excellence – commented Biraghi – has always represented for us “An unmissable moment. It will also be thanks to them if our wonderful territory, so rich in unique raw materials, will be able to prosper and continue to be a benchmark in the agri-food world.”

The award-winning children living in Scarnafigi were: Beatrice Bernardi, Olimpia Biei Sasia, Alessia Bongiovanni, Edoardo Bongiovanni, Pietro Gagliardi, Brian Hila, Luis Hila, Nicolò Jakini, Xhoen Jakini, Ambra Lisi, Erica Lovera, Sofia Nasto, Eloisa Ndoja, Vittorio Word , Ilary Solavaggione, Celeste Valinotti, Margherita Villosio and Lodovico Dalmasso Basco. These, for their part, are the award-winning children residing in Ruffia: Bliss Iwinosa Arabe, Iacopo Cagnassi and Ludovica Meli.

At the end of the awards ceremony, the showcooking began, with three chefs from the Cuochi Association of Alta Etruria as protagonists who, together with two chefs from the Cuochi Association of Turin and the chef from Val Tanaro, Paolo Pavarino, guided those present on a culinary journey between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The typical recipes of Dante’s time have been revised and embellished with the use of Bra, Raschera and Toma Piemontese, for a mixture of flavors that exalted the palates of the many present who stormed the table at the end of the tastings. “We are really proud to have welcomed personalities such as the Chefs of the Alta Etruria Association, the Turin Chefs Association and the well-known representative of local cuisine, Paolo Pavarino -added Franco Biraghi-. Bra, Raschera and Toma Piemontese are the concrete example of how versatility and authenticity can decline in any recipe and those counted on Saturday 30th in Scarnafigi are a hymn to the Italian gastronomic tradition. The fact that these PDOs have been chosen to decorate similar dishes gives added value to our three dairy pearls that have always made us proud”.

The “dances” resumed the next day (Sunday, May 1, ed), when the quintessential representative of the world’s most beloved dish Luciano Sorbillo, “Campania Ambassador” for Neapolitan pizza, combined his experience with that of world champion of Pizza en shovel Gabriele Gianotti who, together with star chef Giuseppe Colletti and a team of professionals (including Michael Cuccaro, Danny Canzano, Alessandro Viganò and Antonio Sbreglia), baked pizzas based on Bra, Raschera and Toma Piedmontese in collaboration with Da Doda Pizzeria, transforming the “City of Cheese” into an authentic outdoor pizzeria all day long.