Braised escarole, a side dish with only 120 calories.  light and very good

Braised escarole, a side dish with only 120 calories. light and very good

Braised escarole, the recipe for a wonderful side dish that provides only 120 calories. Not only light, but also delicious!

Stewed endive (Photo by a.nacca for Pixabay)


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Fruits and vegetables must absolutely be part of your diet: all (or almost) fruits and vegetables provide many benefits to the body.

There endive it is one of the most popular vegetables in Italy: it has an open head that is light green and white inside. It has few simple carbohydrates and very few lipids.

Rich in water and minerals, it also has a high content of vitamins (especially that A, that C, and that K).

In addition, folic acid is excellent both for women in the first months of pregnancy and to counteract tiredness and fatigue.

Endive is best eaten raw: in reality, however, there are many recipes to prepare delicious dishes. Apart from escarole pizza (calorie bomb that is usually prepared at Christmas time), there are great preparations that still provide few calories.

Braised escarole is a unique preparation from this point of view: for each portion, the caloric intake is very low (they do not exceed 120). There is a wonderful recipe to make a very tasty dish.

Braised escarole, a very low calorie side dish – very good

Braised escarole is a very good and light accompaniment: in principle it provides just 120 calories. This dish is also ideal for diets and perfectly accompanies meat or fish dishes.

escarole a la monachina recipe
Raw endive (Photo by Slowmotiongli AdobeStock)


  • 4 plain anchovy fillets
  • A head of soft endive
  • half a clove of garlic
  • A handful of black olives
  • pinions
  • capers
  • Pepper
  • Three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil


Cut the escarole in half, put it in the sink and add a tablespoon of baking soda to clean it better.

Take an empty pot, cover it with water and let it heat up for a few seconds. Put the escarole inside and cover. Vegetables should be dried for about ten minutes on low heat.

After ten minutes, take one no frying pan. Add a splash of oil and fry the garlic, anchovies, pine nuts and olives.

Once the ingredients are colored, add the escarole, salt and pepper. Flip, cover again and cook for others twenty minutes.

Escarole a la monachina
Scarola (Instagram photo @annacreazioniincucina)

Each dish with this dish will provide just 120 calories. As you can see, the preparation times are not long: in three quarters of an hour you should be able to finish it.