Brooklyn Beckham cook.  Those recipes that give rise to the Italian culinary web

Brooklyn Beckham cook. Those recipes that give rise to the Italian culinary web

There are those who at first glance think that it is a parody but no, it is all true: it is about the aspiring chef Brooklyn Beckham, son of the couple David and Victoria, who gives cooking classes on the web with a production budget of about 100 thousand dollars capable of testing the culture of food and wine (made in Italy in particular) and the soul of the professionals who actually do this work. cooking with brooklyn is the title of a format on Instagram and Facebook in which the young man tries to show all his passion for cooking but, unfortunately, without much preparation. Passion always counts, but without a basic look no conviction can go very far indeed.

How do you know when the potatoes are ready? And how is the fish breaded and fried? Innocuous questions with which Brooklyn asked for help from celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who offered some advice to the young man during a super special cooking session.

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The aspiring chef of social networks – as improvised as brave (it must be said) – grinds recipes but few are saved. Among the most commented sacrileges in Italy (negatively, ├ža va sans dire) there is the preparation of pesto alla genovese. The Italian people have risen up on social networks to a strange pesto with large amounts of garlic (too much) and hey hey with lemon: both the grated skin and the juice, incredible. In the face of so much havoc, the lack of pine nuts that Brooklyn forgot to use in the recipe also takes a backseat. pesto sauce? Definitely not!

Next comes the destruction of the very simple and beloved tomato paste. Brooklyn offers it to us with cream, cheese and tomato that try to coexist in the same dish, although it was a kind of revenge of the Italians for the European Championship in which Italy beat Great Britain. We don’t know the taste, of course, but we can imagine its effect: a good tomato sauce is already creamy if you use a good basic puree, if necessary you can add a few tablespoons of the pasta cooking water, which contains the starch and softens it even more. The cream alternative is typical of those who are really looking for easy shortcuts but don’t know that cream tends to cover up all other flavors. And speaking of pasta, dear Brooklyn, we saw you cut noodles with a fork, never do that again!

What about the pizza? He very sweetly prepared it in the shape of a heart on Valentine’s Day, for his sweetheart Nicola Peltz (whom he just married) but, alas, he grew it for only two hours. And over the pasta he poured so much tomato and onion sauce that any hint of crispy base disappeared.

The Beckham descendant then shows his followers how to make a bagel sandwich with fried bream fillet, hash brown (shredded, pressed and fried potatoes) and coleslaw. The recipe is inspired, you might say, by his own method of eating fish and chips: “I eat half the fish and then I like to flake it up and put it between two buns with the vinegar, the salt, the mushy peas,” he says, while it would be enough to use the fish between two slices of black bread with peas to obtain a cream to mix everything. Not to mention, finally, the disproportionate amount of butter used (and brought almost to a boil) in the pasta with crab, horseradish sauce and mayonnaise. A massacre!

But despite all this, the young Beckham, model and photographer, -some say out of sheer nepotism- is also invited to international culinary events such as, in September 2021, the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival, of which you can see the photo at the opening.

For us, the only way to definitively close this chapter would be to think that, in the end… “they are boys!”