Carbonara with truffles, with this particular flavor you will prepare a chef’s dish in 10 minutes

Carbonara with truffles, with this particular flavor you will prepare a chef’s dish in 10 minutes

If you want to prepare a chef-proof dish in just 10 minutes, try this particular flavor to add it to a great classic of Italian cuisine, Carbonara with truffles, a surprising combination of flavors and textures that will leave you speechless.

In the kitchen, what we always recommend is to give free rein to your imagination, many times a simple dish can become very special by adding even a small detail that will give it a different flavor or an even more special texture. That is why we have decided to give a great classic of Italian cuisine a twist, we will make the Carbonara with truffles, in just 10 minutes you will prepare a chef’s dish.

carbonara with truffles

Like the classic carbonara, it does not require long preparation times. The addition of the truffle with its particular aroma, perfume and texture will give it more particularity, making it truly irresistible. You can choose whether to use fresh truffle, in pate or dried as in this case, used in part grated and in flakes, in short, a peculiarity to try absolutely.

A simple ingredient can totally or partially change the flavor of a dish, you just have to dose it to taste

So let’s not get lost in the chat, fasten your apron, follow the simple step-by-step procedure and in no time you will get an amazing result.

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Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes

Ingredients for 4 people

400g pasta
6 yolks
80g Pecorino Romano
150g of bacon
60 g of dry, fresh or cream truffle
Salt to taste
pepper as needed

Preparation of Carbonara with truffles

To make this great dish, start by bringing plenty of water to a boil. When it comes to a boil, add salt and drop the pasta, letting it cook for the time indicated on the package.


Pour the yolks into a bowl, add a little grated truffle of the indicated dose, plenty of pepper and pecorino cheese, mix vigorously. In a nonstick skillet, brown the bacon cut into pieces. Once the desired consistency is reached, preferably slightly crispy, drain the salami and add the dressing that has been released to the beaten yolks, mix well until everything is homogeneous.

cut bacon
cut bacon

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Reserve a little of the cooking water, then drain the pasta and pour it into the egg mixture. Stir for a few minutes with the addition of the reserved water, incorporate little by little. Next, serve and decorate with truffle flakes and the reserved bacon. Enjoy your meal.

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drain the prepared pasta
drain the prepared pasta