Chiara, Manuel Baraldo’s recipe among Le Favorites

Chiara, Manuel Baraldo’s recipe among Le Favorites

In the Scrocchiarella space we witnessed the Le Preferite format with an extraordinary pizza chef, different every day, who interpreted his recipe with ingredients, flavors and colors linked to a specific territory.
Round base rice 25 Venere © for manuel baraldo that with “Sure” recreates all the steps of the pumpkin en saor recipe with a sweet and sour tone typical of the Veneto area with onion, pumpkin, raisins, pine nuts and a final touch of licorice powder.

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The favourites: “Chiara”, the Scrocchiarella by Manuel Baraldo

Credits: Phototecnica
Format: Round 25 – 250 g of dough
Flour: Venere Rice
Mozzarella fiordilatte 50 g julienned
Rovigo Violin Pumpkin – 1 brunoise cut pumpkin
Chioggia white onion 100/150 g – 1 whole onion julienned
Raisins 30g
Pine nuts 20g
sugar 10g
Salt 10g
Vinegar 1 dl
White wine 1 dl
Pure licorice powder 5 g
1 teaspoon of Asiago speck 50 g cut into mirepois
Mint leaves 8 leaves – 1 for each tooth + 1 central


Cut the squash into rectangles and slice the Asiago speck with a knife into very small cubes. Cut the onion into rings and brown it in the oil, add the raisins, pine nuts, salt, sugar, mint, vinegar and white wine. Put the pumpkin in saor for 24 hours, alternating layers of pumpkin rectangles with the rest of the saor and licorice powder.

Put the base in the oven for two minutes after spraying it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and putting the mozzarella fiordilatte cut into julienne strips and also a little saor pumpkin, speck and licorice powder. Once removed from the oven, cut into segments. Meanwhile, dissolve the pumpkin, drain it from the oil and fill each clove. Finish with 1 mint leaf and a drizzle of Coppini Arte Olearia extra virgin olive oil.