Chiringuitos in Formentera: here are those admitted to the final phase for management.  Now the commission will have to decide the winners

Chiringuitos in Formentera: here are those admitted to the final phase for management. Now the commission will have to decide the winners

FORMENTERA (January 16, 2022) – Interest was general, with questions also submitted by important operators and businessmen from Barcelona, ​​​​Madrid and Valencia. And everything takes place under the banner of transparency and absolute regularity, as befits a public tender of great interest. In the last hours, the Council of Formentera has drawn up, in effect, the document with all the names of those who -and there were many- participated in the competition for the assignment to individuals of the management of eight historic beach bars, sailing schools and rentals (the rental includes catamarans, surfing, windsurfing, SUP and canoes) as well as sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach.

The document contains all the names (proper name or company) of the person who submitted your application, those who have been admitted to the final stage for each lot and who was excluded.

A first skimming has been done, in short, and now the competition tribunal he will continue his work, examining all projects in detail. We travel, therefore, dispatched to close the procedural process as soon as possible, so that everything is ready for the beginning of the new tourist season.

Obviously the greatest interest (not only for those inside, but also for all lovers of Formentera) refers to the beach bars: will the managers of recent years be in charge of the kiosks again or will there be a change? There are many who ask and seeing the names in the race, the first impression is that, in addition to the outgoing managers, there are many who meet the required requirements and therefore have their chances of winning. Everything will now depend on the project they have presented and, secondly, on their economic proposal, which is still reserved for the time being.

Well, it must be said first of all that the applications have increased considerably compared to the past, especially when it comes to beach bars. And not only because Formentera always maintains its unmistakable “Tourist attractionbut also why Starting this year, the kiosks will be able to offer the catering service. In short, it will be possible to cook freshly prepared dishes. Therefore, this opportunity has also catalyzed the interest of renowned operators in the sector.

See, for example, the PIRATE BUS. There are nine companies competing for his management. In addition to those who have been managing it for decades, there is the company that belongs to a well-known restaurant in Sant Francesc and another that is dedicated to catering in Ibiza.

What remains of the “Piratabus”

also for the LUCK there are nine candidates in the running, obviously including the outgoing manager. Then there is a household name for the island, owner of a famous and popular beach club. And there is an important company that belongs to important restaurants in Barcelona.

for the kiosk CALA SAONA, the candidates are even more, or ten. Among them also the director (of Italian origin) of a well-known restaurant in Illetes.

Last steps to remove the kiosk from Cala Saona

An Italian candidacy also for the beach bar PEOPLE in Es Pujols, for which three questions were allowed: he is also a well-known person in Formentera, being the general manager of one of the most popular clubs on the island.

Curious (but beware, it is completely legitimate and in fact both candidates were considered regular and therefore admitted to the final phase) that his partner is among the candidates for the management of another beach bar: it is the “BARTOLINO to Es Pujols, who took the “Palma d’Or” to the most coveted kiosk of the entire call: fifteen, in fact, applications admitted. Among these are those businessmen (restorers, entrepreneurs and real estate developers) who are very important on the island.

For him BARTOLO instead, four candidates are admitted. five for him KIOSK62 and nine for him STRIPE.

Surprise: there were those who had hypothesized a strong candidacy of the Grupo Pacha de Ibiza for one of the beach bars. well this didn’t happen. The group in question only submitted an application to be granted the sunbeds and umbrellas service on a stretch of Es Arenals beach, in front of his hotel: to win this concession he will have to face eight other candidates.

Last curiosity: of the 50 lots in tender, only two auctions were empty because no candidacy was presented or accepted. This is the kiosk-bookstore that was near the Riu hotel and gods hammocks and umbrellas on Es Calò beach.