Contaminated Buitoni Pizza |  confirmed link to two fatal cases

Contaminated Buitoni Pizza | confirmed link to two fatal cases

The very serious episode of the Pizza Buitoni contaminated by Escherichia coli and sold in France has implications, the situation.

Contaminated Buitoni Pizzathe analyzes carried out by the authorities of the case confirmed the link between their consumption and the deaths found by some individuals who had consumed them.

A frozen pizza (Pexels)

The contaminated Buitoni pizza line is the so-called “Fraîch’Up” and it seems, based on what various Italian and international newspapers report, the cases of the correlative pathology (hemolytic uremic syndrome, ed) have increased from the initial 27 to at least 50.

It all happened in France, with even two victims. This has also been confirmed by the health authorities on the other side of the Alps, specifying how the situation that dates back to the contaminated Buitoni pizza dates back to as soon as January 2022. So for about four months.

The bacteria present inside the contaminated Buitoni pizza is Escherichia Coli, which started this outbreak. The immediate food recall by Nestlè (owner of the Buitoni brand) that followed, the authorities always alerted the authorities, helped reduce cases of poisoning.

Contaminated Buitoni pizza, the situation: no risk in Italy

It must be said that the pizza in question not for sale in Italy. Returning to the situation in France, of the 50 registered cases of hemolytic uremic syndrome, 48 are related to Escherichia Coli strain 026, while two are related to strain 0103. Unfortunately, the two victims are children.

Buitoni pizza remembered in France
Pizza Buitoni remembered in France (Photo

The reconstruction of the food safety control authorities in France focuses on the possibility, considered concrete, of possible incomplete cooking of these pizzas. The procedure would have been carried out at temperatures that are not sufficient to eradicate harmful bacteria and microorganisms that can infest food.

Generally from 70° any bacterial presence dissolves. This rule applies to any type of food suitable for cooking. For example, meat and fish, which if eaten raw or not cooked properly, can lead to serious complications.

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