Cook Torta Pasqualina like a real Ligurian with these secret tricks

Cook Torta Pasqualina like a real Ligurian with these secret tricks

A typical Easter dish is, of course, the Torta Pasqualina, a tasty typical Ligurian cake. But how do you cook better? We have found the secrets for you.

Easter 2022 is upon us and if you intend to surprise friends and family by cooking some typical dishes of the Italian tradition, you have probably come across the Torta Pasqualina preparation.

The secrets to make the Pascualina cake – AdobeStock

It is a typical salty pie liguria and, above all, of Genoa. Vegetable-based and with a hard-boiled egg inside it seems easy at first glance, but it is not. That is why we have found some secrets from the Ligurian grandmothers to help you in the preparation.

Easter cake recipe

First of all, it is important to discover the origins of the Pascualina cake! This dish, as we have told you, is perfect for Easter because it is very rich, but at the same time it is made with simple and cheap products! Eggbeets, marjoram, onions and herbs!

It was already cooked in the 16th century and the recipe has remained more or less the same! The dough is created with flour and oil divided into about 30 parts or sheets of dough. After greasing the pan, overlap sheets that need to be larger than the pan where it will be cooked to make the rim. Then fill the base with the stuffing, usually beets lightly seared in a frying pan, with eggs and prescinseua, a Ligurian cheese. Once the filling is spread out, a small nest must be made to leave Whole egg! This is the Easter surprise!

The secrets of the grandmothers of Genoa to make the Pascualina Cake

Every grandmother will do it her own way, no doubt, but the lovely ladies we spoke to explained that pasta is the most important and difficult thing to make. But at the same time it is what characterizes the recipe. To make the 33 thin slices, it is then suggested to spread them over the fist to assess their thickness. The beets are then actually boiled and, after being squeezed, they are spread on a plate with a little Parmesan, salt and marjoram, to season them.

Variations to the traditional recipe

The variants There are many of this typical Ligurian recipe. Some people add artichokes or spinach to the filling. Or instead avoid making all these layers of pasta and use the classic puff pastry. The goodness provided by the ingredients is obviously guaranteed, but we cannot guarantee that the final effect will be the same because one of the characteristics of Torta Pasqualina is precisely its friability and the thousand crumbs that are created when eating it!