Cooking Ketamine in Seregno

Cooking Ketamine in Seregno

A 28-year-old from Seregno had already been arrested in January because he was caught cooking ketamine in the caravan, but continued even while under house arrest.

Cooking Ketamine in Seregno

It was the same two carabinieri, suspicious of the comings and goings to his house, who surprised him for the second time cooking ketamine.

On the first occasion, the carabinieri, during a normal preventive service, had surprised him aboard a caravan in the company of a twenty-six-year-old girl.

The unmistakable smell of the incredible Dutchman had attracted the military and when they got into the caravan they found a real operations center of the store.

Ketamine in the pan

The two were cooking ketamine in a pan on the vehicle’s stove.

They also found a precision hanger, doses of cocaine and marijuana, and packing materials on the table in the mobile home.

Soldiers then searched the two young men and found around 1,300 euros in cash on the 28-year-old.

During the subsequent search of the boy’s home, they had recovered and seized around 24,000 euros in cash and a narcotest kit.

While in the girl’s house they had found other doses of marijuana.

The military had arrested them both.

promised to go straight

However, the 28-year-old from Seregno, while promising to “go straight”, has seen fit to continue his lucrative business even after getting house arrest.

The carabinieri, however, kept an eye on him.

The young man in house arrest would not have been able to interact with strangers to his family circle.

In his house, however, a strange coming and going of strangers had begun and the two carabinieri who knew him well became suspicious.

They decided to take a look to see what was going on.

There was a knock on the door and the 28-year-old opened it after a while, but he was tense and nervous.

From the door came a strong and characteristic smell of ketamine.

The young man, however, tried to reassure the soldiers that everything was fine and that he was “on track.”

But he was unsuccessful in his attempt, the military searched and found some grams of the drug in the house, a precision slingshot and several cell phones.

In addition to this in the mailbox they also found 50 euros in cash.

The carabinieri have denounced him again for possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.

Furthermore, since he was already under house arrest, the military accompanied him to Monza prison.


Ketamine is a very powerful anesthetic and pain reliever and is used in both humans and animals.

In low doses it causes psychedelic states, hallucinations and euphoria, which is why it has also become a drug and is distributed illegally.

However, prolonged and constant intake can seriously compromise health and cause dependence and addiction.

The substance was discovered in 1962 by the American chemist Calvin L. Stevens in an attempt to find an alternative to the so-called “drug of the Angels”.

However, there is also the danger that on the underground market when you think about taking ketamine, 90% of the time you don’t scratch the ketamine.

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