Doubts and myths about pizza: a nutritionist answers

Doubts and myths about pizza: a nutritionist answers

Pizza is one of the foods that we Italians like the most, but it has always been the protagonist of numerous doubts and myths, which have finally found resolution.

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If you think of Italy, one of the first things that come to mind is without a doubt the Pizza. We know this thanks to a Neapolitan chef named Raffaele Esposito, who in 1889 made this dish in honor of Queen Margaret of Savoy, and we have not stopped eating it ever since.

Other, medium or low; margherita, buffalo, capricciosa, with four cheeses… the choice is so wide that a single article would not be enough to talk about it. That is why I want to focus not so much on the different types as on myths hey Doubts referring to the main dish of our culinary tradition.

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Doubts about pizza and the myths to dispel

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Many doubts and questions revolve around this beloved food, but not all of them have been able to give an adequate answer. That is why we refer to the opinion of Silvia Soligon, nutritional biologist. The first question that does not give us peace is if the pizza is really good. put weight or not. But apparently to have an accurate answer it is necessary to take into account different aspects, such as the toppings or the type of pizza.

Another very common question is why we weigh more the day after eating pizza. It is generally due to the high salt content, which is capable of retaining liquids that later affect the final weight. The third and last question that enters the ranking of the most common questions about this food is how many times per week it is recommended to eat pizza. This depends on the needs of each one, but the nutritionist recommends eating pizza once a week at most, if you want to maintain a diet as varied as possible.

In addition to the questions, there are some myths related to pizza that, however, it is good to disprove. For example, it is not true that good pizza is only made in Naples. Having spread throughout Italy and throughout the world, there are many places where we can find excellent pizza, also because many Neapolitans have decided to take their tradition throughout the world. So it won’t be uncommon to find a Neapolitan doc restaurant in Spain or the UK!

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Finally, another myth to dispel has to do with the burnt parts of pizza, which are certainly not carcinogenic! Some people think that the parts of the cornice that are cooked the most are harmful, but in reality this is not the case. So now that you know the whole truth about the world’s most loved food, sit back and enjoy the unique and inimitable taste of pizza.