Eat at night |  forget the pizza

Eat at night | forget the pizza

What are the foods recommended by nutrition experts to be able to eat at night, when you simply cannot resist hunger. All this with total safety for our body and without side effects, if it is carried out with the appropriate measures.

eat at nightit is well known, it is bad for health. And this is because digestion continues while we are lying down, making sleep heavier and more disturbed. How can we not think about the classic peppers that stick in our stomachs?

A young man bites into a pizza late at night (Adobe Stock)

In general, eating late is a behavior that should always be avoided. And when this happens, it is advisable not to lie down or lie down immediately after getting up from the table.

However, if we really can’t resist the urge to eat at night, then let’s try putting something under our teeth that can be tolerated by our digestive system. Dieticians and nutritionists advise using certain foods in particular.

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Eating at night, the list of foods that we can snack on

Forget potato chips and popcorn, chocolatea, sausages soaked in the mayonnaise jar, leftover pizza for dinner and the like. There are several other foods that are just as tasty, very tasty, and have much better nutritional values.

A man in front of the open fridge at night.
A man in front of the open fridge at night (Adobe Stock)

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Here is the list:

  • avocado;
  • apple;
  • pear;
  • some green olives;
  • strawberries;
  • berries;
  • dried fruit;
  • boiled egg;
  • boiled potato;

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However, it must be said that it would still be good not to eat at night and follow what should be a correct habit to ensure well-being. If, on the other hand, we allow ourselves what is indicated above, remember not to go beyond a few tastings.

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