Eggnog, the delicious cream that ignites passion

Eggnog, the delicious cream that ignites passion

It is a delicious little Italian treasure, perfect to enjoy alone or with a dessert. Did you know, however, that couples also used eggnog to reignite passion?

A delicious treasure born by chance

everyone loves it Eggnogthe delicious alcoholic cream that warms the bellies during the colder seasons, but that really is perfect to enjoy all year round.

In fact, there are those who prefer to taste it during the summer, accompanied by a soft scoop of ice cream. There are even those who love to drink zabaglione as if they were a normal alcoholic, in the company of some ice cubes.

In any variant it is proposed however, something legendary remainsas are the stories behind its origins.

in fact there is who thinks that zabaglione was born in Reggio Emilia, thanks to the captain of fortune Giovan Paolo Baglioni, also known as “Zvàn Bajòun”. It seems that he along with his troops arrived in Reggio Emilia in 1471 and that, finding nothing to eat, he sent the soldiers in search of food.

Unfortunately, not even Baglioni’s companions can find any food, except for some eggs, sugar, and finally wine. No one expected that right from the union of these simple ingredients the delicious zabaione would be born.

The solution to rekindle passion as a couple

I am there are many stories behind the origins of delicious zabaglione and one of these also involves Rome, the eternal city.

In the heart of the capital there are more than 900 churches, but among these there are a very special one which is located in the Trastevere area. And the Church of Santi Quaranta Martiri and San Pasquale Baylon.

Today the latter is considered the protector of pastry chefs, but also women are especially devoted to him. In fact, it seems that many women once went on pilgrimage to his church, with the aim of receiving a grace and finding a husband.

Actually, it seems that many already married women also went to see the Saint, but to try to rekindle the passion between them and their partners.

It is told in a particular way of a woman who Saint Baylon prayed continuously to rekindle the desire between her and her husband. the amazing is that it seems that one night the Saint appeared to the woman in a dream to suggest the recipe for eggnog as a solution, whose name could be born in honor of Saint Baylon.

The first real recipe.

it’s still today Difficult to understand the true history of eggnog.. The first real recipe for zabaglione appears only in 1662, in a recipe book by Bartolomeo Stefani, the chef of the Gonzaga family.

In his recipe, he proposed create a delicious cream using only eggs, sugar and finally white wine.

advised to do melt some butter in a stone pan and then add a mixture of eggs, wine and sugar. You had to cook everything until you got it a solid but creamy mixtureto decorate with cinnamon.

Was a recipe very similar to the one we all know todaywhich consists of beating the egg yolks with sugar and cooking them in a saucepan with wine or Marsala.