Food recall today |  product removed for Listeria

Food recall today | product removed for Listeria

Withdrawn from the shelves a food with a potential serious problem inside. Information about today’s food recall.

There’s a food call, from ogg.i it is no longer possible to buy and consume a specific product. This was announced by the Ministry of Health, communicating all the data related to this case of inconsistency. Therefore, consumer safety is endangered.

People determined to buy

Today’s food recall concerns a product made in Italy and marketed in many outlets in the country. Within its notification, the Ministry invites all consumers don’t eat that item.

The motivation behind all this is to identify in the possible presence of the bacteria. which causes Listeria monocytogenes. It is a food poisoning that can arise within a few hours due to the ingestion of contaminated food.

Its most obvious manifestations are represented by abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and other typical disorders of the digestive system. Here are listed below the specifications to recognize the product reported in today’s food recall.

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Food recall today, the product not to eat

Food recall concerns the Vitel TonnĂ© 200 grams, with the brand “Gastronomia Somasca srl”. Which is also the name or business name of the FBO in whose name the aforementioned product is marketed.

Vitel Tonne recalled
Vitel Tonne recalled (Photo Ministry of Health)

The batch number in question is 1513 and the establishment/manufacturer identification mark is IT 870 CE. As regards the indication relating to the expiration date or the minimum retention period, the indication reports on 05/28/2022.

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Each unit of Vitel Tonne weighs 200 grams and the production plant is located in the Lombard town of Desio, in the province of Monza and Brianza.

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For all those who have eventually bought one or more pieces of this food, the invitation is not to eat it, since the warning was produced as a precaution. It must be returned to the point of sale where the purchase was made, in order to obtain a refund of the amount spent. Set even without presenting the original receipt.

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