Fulvio Marino’s “crostino pizza”, perfect for Saturday night

Fulvio Marino’s “crostino pizza”, perfect for Saturday night

A delicious recipe that is undoubtedly easy to replicate at home with all the advice that Fulvio Marino has given us, as he usually does with the social community that follows him.

Focaccia-homemade pizza (Instagram photo @fabrizio.casucci)


Crustine pizza. All baked for guaranteed enjoyment! Will you do it again this weekend? and with what ingredients? Enjoy your meal!“, This is the attached message that appears next to his latest Instagram post.

The marine fulvio cook is one of the familiar faces of the Rai 1 cooking show “It’s always noon”, where every day he proposes delicious and really easy recipes for all viewers connected at mealtime.

Now that the weekend is full of games, what better than a good pizza-focaccia enriched with genuine products to take to the table as an appetizer with friends?

So let’s see the recipe and the procedure explained by the chef himself, in a practical way. Let us begin!

Ingredients and preparation of Fulvio Marino crostino pizza

For the filling, Marino uses cooked ham and mozzarella, but you can use whatever you like best, like speck and mushrooms, sausage and potatoes, or even grilled zucchini and peppers.

Fulvio Marino recipes It's always noon
Fulvio Marino signs copies of the latest book (photo from the Instagram account @fulviomarino)


  • 900 g flour 0
  • 100g wholemeal flour
  • 780ml of water
  • 7g brewer’s yeast
  • 22 g of fine salt
  • 40ml extra virgin olive oil

Fill in:

  • 200g cooked ham
  • 200 g of mozzarella
  • dried oregano to taste
  • Extra virgin olive oil to taste.

PREPARATION (about 45 min + 15 hours of yeast)

In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients except the salt and 30 ml of water, which will only be added after 10 minutes of manual preparation, in fact you have to wait for the yeast to start acting.

Once the mixture is complete, add the oil as a final ingredient, which must be gradually absorbed until a smooth, completely homogeneous and easily workable paste is obtained.

Let rise for 12 hours in the fridge the dough covering the bowl with transparent paper, after this time form balls of 400 g each that will be left to rise another 3 hours at room temperature.

You can arrange them on baking sheets lined with paper to prevent them from sticking to the surface. Also after this time, stretch them with a rolling pin one by one on the floured pastry board, giving a rectangular shape with a thickness of about 1.5 cm.

Fill them with mozzarella, ham, oregano and oil, cook a static oven for 15-20 minutes at 25°C. Serve with yogurt dips or homemade mayonnaise.