fundraising at San Siro for after-school activities in the courtyards –

fundraising at San Siro for after-school activities in the courtyards –

from Elizabeth Andrews

Well-being is creatively organized in neighborhood projects like street-style in popular buildings. Don Antonio Mazzi: «”Uncomfortable” boys scare and do not attract». The call: “Cut red tape to save communities”

Launched on Wednesday night, the fundraising has already exceeded 1,400 euros. If kids need educators in the area, but funding is so low that teen communities close, wellness organizes in creative and unconventional ways. It makes the city converge in neighborhood projects. In this sense, the crowdfunding campaign that two university professors have just promoted on the Produzioni dal basso platform – Luisa Zecca from Bicocca and Melissa Miedico from Bocconi – is one of many examples. Objective: set up an after-school street service in the courtyards of popular San Siro buildings, “ABC del barrio”, which will be in charge of educators. The challenge will be to find the right and motivated ones.

Inconveniences and growing anger

The appeals of the communities that look for them fall on deaf ears. Because? «The educator is a wonderful job, it should be told more – says Giusi Re, Kayròs educator at Vimodrone for twenty years -. We must be prepared, so as not to be frightened by the growing anger of adolescents. Universities, very theoretical, do not prepare in the field. So the graduates who come to the community only know the discomfort of young people by hearsay. “Mature” empathy, capable of approaching but also distancing itself at certain times, to dictate the rules, cannot be learned from books.

People who “speak” the language of the young

“The hours of training are insufficient. It would be very different to require at least a couple of months of coexistence within the community throughout the three years of studies”, he relaunches Don Claudio Burgio, who runs Kayròs. The educator’s work does not end with the 8 hours of service: “We get involved in the relationship by cooking or cleaning the house together,” explains the don. The boys are looking for modern “parents” who can understand their language.. Adults who have a real life experience to tell, capable of earning their esteem. «Of six operators we would like to be able to contract at least two, even if it is without qualification, without qualification. Perhaps among the former guests of the community or former prisoners who have followed a virtuous path: they are the most capable of facing certain situations and serve as a stimulus to those who still have to mature, “says Don Claudio. The Lombardy Region should pass a resolution that expands the mesh to the possibility of hiring graduates from other disciplines in the community.

A school for those who teach children.

The issue of the precariousness of poorly paid contracts in the face of exhausting shifts is not secondary. “Society must promote charismatic figures,” he stresses Paola Lodovici, 51 years old, educator in Villaluce in the Affori area and coordinator of the Uneba Minors Commission. «Our work – he explains- needs care. We must be able to respond creatively to the specific needs of the children we foster. Together with each one of them, step by step, with flexibility, a project must be built that encourages them to be responsible for themselves». Spurs Don Antonio Mazzi: «I ran into the students of Educational Sciences, almost all of them had the idea of ​​going to work in nursing homes, with the elderly -he says-. The “awkward boys” scare and do not attract. Should establish a school for teachers and educators of adolescents. You have to understand the beauty of working with them and for them.”

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