Galilei’s students in mafia lands – Chronicle

Galilei’s students in mafia lands – Chronicle

Eighty Galilei students on land confiscated from the mafia. This is the latest initiative of the Galileo Galilei scientific secondary school in Ancona. Because even (and above all) legality is out of school.

To participate in the project, two fourth-year classes from the institute in via Allende Gossens, directed by Alessandra Rucci. “This is a strong and wonderful experience. It is the first time that the national association ‘Libera contra las mafias’ signs an agreement with a school”, said the rector. An agreement, that of Libera, which is part of the old school-work alternation, today called pcto (paths of transversality and orientation). “It was not easy to organize such an initiative, but we managed it.”

All part of an old project conceived by Galilei’s religion teacher, Livio Martinangeli. With it, years ago, the Week of Coexistence and Volunteering event was born, thanks to which the children ended up in nursing homes or volunteer centers to live a different experience.

“It was Covid that imposed this new challenge on us, given that, due to the virus, it is difficult to access social security structures.” Hence the idea of ​​a path from education to legality with Libera, chaired by Don Luigi Ciotti, who has always been at the forefront against the mafias. “A path – specifies Rucci – carried out thanks to teachers Martinangeli, Dorothy Rossi, Roberta Gambella and Carla Raffaelli. The association proposed to bring children there, in Calabria, to make them understand what the mafia is”. Rucci’s students are now divided into two groups, one at Isola di Capo Rizzuto and the other at Polistena. “In May another 80 young people will leave,” highlights the director, who reflects: “Our young people are not lying down. Their shoulders are hunched, their hands ready to crack, they want to understand, they want to act, they want to build a just world. and the more I work with the children, the more I realize that these children are forces of nature. It is enough to trust them, involve them, make them protagonists and here they respond in the most generous way possible. I see extraordinary children who can be a hope for the future. In the morning they take care of the facilities where they stay, cook and work the land. In the afternoon they also attend classes on the mafia. , listening to those who have experienced it first-hand. They do it with great joy. Other than lying down: the young. They are a great light of hope.”

Nicolo Moricci