How BeReal works, GenZ’s favorite social network

How BeReal works, GenZ’s favorite social network

Also renamed “social purity” or “authenticity”, BeReal is the opposite of the 2016 version of Instagramwith immaculate feeds in pastel tones, where woe is to publish a photo with acne, under penalty of media pillory. Founded in 2020 by former GoPro employee Alexis Barreyat, BeReal is the new app to share photos that has already fallen in love with Generation Z.

According to data reported by Apptopia, its popularity has grown exponentially in the last two years, increasing by + 315% since last January. But let’s see how it works exactly..

How BeReal works

According to what was reported in the Wall Street Journalthe app was: “Brought to you by its creators as an authentic, unfiltered alternative to curated posts on Instagram and TikTok.” Compared to other platforms, your approach to posting content just might be a lot simpler.

Is that how it works: Once a day, BeReal sends a notification asking users to post your picture of the day, any shot that counts the moment, whether lying down or while cooking dinner. To prepare for the selfie, you only have 2 minutes available, at the time of shooting, the application will simultaneously acquire photos from the front and rear cameras. No filters or adjustments, you can blackmail the photo, but other users will know it’s a second take. Feeding” consists of a map, where you can search for other BeReals to view (they can be posted to the global feed or just among friends). But there is a rule: every time you see someone else’s photo you have to post one.

Why has it become so popular?

“BeReal’s key ethic is authenticity. Its lack of filters and sense of urgency are designed to remove any notions of curation or artifice, words that seem to have been clouded by Instagram and its brilliant influencers. You can’t even see what the front camera is capturing to at least help you pick a decent angle,” says journalist Niloufar Haidari in the columns of the guardianafter he tried to subscribe to the new social network to make it a recession.

Until now the feedback was positive, and the numbers confirm it, and above all the app seems to have found its ideal target, saturated with fiction and accustomed to the “harsh reality”, within which corners of beauty can still be found. BeReal’s audience is university students. Meredith Mueller, a journalism student at the University of Kansas, installed the app a few weeks ago. “I downloaded it, entered my information, and then it suggested adding all the contacts who were already using BeReal,” she reported. DesertNews.“And I was wondering, how do all these people already have the app?” BeReal appears not to have betrayed the promises made by Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, which promised a more genuine and intimate way to connect online. But it didn’t happen that way..

However, the crucial issue remains another: an application destined to last or disappear into oblivion of the applications deleted from the phone, as happened with Yo and Frontback? The game is still open.