How much does Briatore’s pizza cost?  After Cracco, Porzio also asphalts and puts the receipt on the web

How much does Briatore’s pizza cost? After Cracco, Porzio also asphalts and puts the receipt on the web

Neapolitan pizza chef Errico Porzio is back on strike and after having tried Carlo Cracco’s pizza in Milan, he rushes to Rome to give his opinion on Flavio Briatore’s Crazy Pizza. The result is sensational!

For Neapolitans, Porzio is a decidedly well-known surname in the restaurant business, today more than ever. Because its owner Errico, in addition to being very active on the web, has now become a true Tik Tok star.

How much does Briatore Porzio Asphalts pizza cost? Also print recipe

A food influencer as it is said in today’s language, it must be said that food is really bread for your teeth!

Ruthless analysis part of the mass: Briatore destroyed, but remains ‘brilliant’

The story is more or less similar to all the others that the likeable Errico, owner of a historic restaurant in Soccavo and several others in Naples and beyond, shares with his countless followers. Based on a kind of ‘provocation’ by users who ask him to taste the most famous pizzas and give them his opinion, this time he has landed in Rome. The chosen place is one of the Crazy Pizza stores opened by businessman Flavio Briatore.

Known for being the owner of the Billionaire, as well as for his controversy regarding the basic income and the fact that, according to him, young people ‘wouldn’t want to work’ Briatore has catapulted all his last big investments in gastronomy. Who knows if he would have ever imagined that a Neapolitan pizza chef would literally destroy the one who is the absolute protagonist of his menus. His workhorse, by which he intends to make his lucky clients taste a product of extreme quality or Margherita, the most classic of pizzas.

How much did Porzio pay? The detail of the receipt on the web

Porzio wasted no time and went first-hand to taste the much acclaimed queen of all pizzas. The drawing is always the same, he orders, tests and gives his opinion on it. This time it was decidedly negative, but on the other hand for someone like him who is a master at his trade, one bite is enough to understand every little detail about the preparation. The first consideration that is made after the tasting is the lack of yeast, which immediately classifies it as a ‘cookie’. The amount of dough is not even adequate, much less than average: “The mass will be a maximum of one hundred and eighty grams” says Errico, showing the details in full view of the room. “Certainly stretched a bit by hand, then finished with a rolling pin” accurate. The coup de grâce comes in the final measure, after specifying that it is a pizza cooked in an electric oven.

“As far as marketing is concerned, he’s definitely something important, he’s a genius, but we can’t talk about quality. He did something that can be replicated anywhere in the world” Porzio concludes. As for the price, even in this case clearly superior average: a Margherita costs a good fourteen euros. The total of the receipt that includes four pizzas and two bottles of water is eighty-one euros. A decidedly awesome experience for Porzio – we just have to wait for his next adventure!

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