How to make a perfect baked chicken with these tricks

How to make a perfect baked chicken with these tricks

How to make a perfect baked chicken with these tricks to eat crispy and tasty chicken without problems.

Enjoy baked chicken by following a few simple tips, or better yet, a few good tricks. The historical tips of our grandmothers are always the masters in the kitchen and in fact, this recipe is a nice tip from my dear grandmother. A simple dish that becomes special with due care.

baked chicken with these tricks

Let’s start preparing the baked chicken that we know is one of the most popular second courses ever. First we have to cook it for the necessary time. The temperature should not be too high, otherwise we run the risk of burning it on the outside and then leaving it half raw inside.

How to make the perfect baked chicken

The chicken should be placed in such a way that the thighs are in the hottest part since it is the fattest and meatiest part of the animal. The breast, on the other hand, which seems to be the driest, will tend to cook before and therefore will be placed in the least hot part of the oven.


Of great importance is the background of cooking chicken. In fact, the sauce that will come out is the basic element for the success of the dish. The sauce, however, should not be too much, otherwise you risk boiling the chicken and failing to make it nicely crisp as typical oven cooking requires. But, what is the perfect companion for a good baked chicken? Obviously the potato. The potatoes, however, should be cooked in a different pan than the chicken because they should be very crispy and not risk cooking in the chicken sauce.

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How to prepare baked chicken with these tricks


A common place that many consider essential before cooking the chicken and washing it. Passing the chicken under running water and rinsing it well is a step that is considered substantially useless because the pathogens are only eradicated by properly cooking the animal. Otherwise, you may find yourself in unpleasant circumstances, but relying only on good chicken washing is a really insignificant step. And it is negligible not only for the elimination of pathogens, but also useless in terms of the success of cooking. In short, the simplicity of baked chicken is really disarming, but just a few false steps are enough and we will have a boiled chicken that is really unappetizing both to the palate and to the eye.

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