In Portanova harmony of history and taste for modernity and tradition

In Portanova harmony of history and taste for modernity and tradition

Harmony, elegance and taste. In the belly of the ancient towers of Porta Nuova or Volterrana, the main access road to the historic center of Colle di Val dElsa, is the Portanova Inn Enoteca. Once you have crossed the entrance of what is a fortress in every way, you find yourself in an unexpected place, both because of the historical importance that it transmits from every corner and because of the concept of modernity and elegance that the interior of the walls. expertly furnished. Portanova’s cooking is like music written to be played in grand style, calibrating each ingredient as a note that will eventually become part of the final symphony.

All rooms at the Portanovaplaced on several levels, they accompany us in unique environments, a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, history and design.

Once you enter the restaurant, you immediately realize the strong impact of wine on the proposal that will later be declined both in the kitchen and in the wine bar. Turning to the right you access the Pentagramma room, the main space of the restaurant. Here the relationship between music, food and wine is exalted in the sensations and the furniture: a double bass was hung on the opposite wall, flanked by a staff combined in turn with other parts of the sectioned double bass; as if he wanted to decompose the music itself, just as the ingredients of a dish are decomposed and the flavors are enhanced. The entire room surrounded by ancient walls and wine, a fundamental element here in Portanova. Going up a few steps you find yourself in the Francigena Room, an elevated part of the space separated from the Pentagram room only by a railing. The tables are placed in an old section of the Via Francigena brought to light thanks to a meticulous recovery work. Here in Portanova it is also possible to enjoy the evening accompanied by live music.

Moving towards the entrance you can see a stone corridor that leads to the bowels of the towers, in what 500 years ago was the cistern room for water supply. Today this is a space where it is possible to enjoy an excellent meal and taste a good wine surrounded by the living stone of the towers, sitting at a round table combined with wrought iron chairs engraved with the Florentine lily. A Colle crystal chandelier hangs from above. The warmth comes from the walls thanks to two lighting installations that flood the room with light.

A narrow corridor of stairs located in the right bastion connects the interior with the exterior of the Portanova. In addition to the numerous defensive niches carved into the stone, you can access Casamatta, the site of the fortress intended for the storage of weapons and ammunition. Inside, another exclusive room has been created, with a chandelier that is a true work of art: wrought iron rods with embedded glass pieces descend from the ceiling to the floor, crossing the perforated table in the center. The lamp placed in the upper part offers unique games of light and shadow.

The exterior spaces of the Porta Nuova unfold over the two towers, true defense posts of the taste fortress of Portanova. An excellent example of Medici defensive architecture that protects the entrance to the old part of Colle by enclosing a stretch of ramparts in its embrace. From here you can see a breathtaking view over the historic center of Colle. The atmosphere that reigns is romantic and cozy.

L’Hosteria: the pleasures of tradition with a pinch of modernity and innovation

Portanova’s kitchen proposes traditional dishes with a touch of modernity, without altering the ancestral flavors that make our cuisine so special. Chef Lorenzo Somigli He begins to approach the world of good food from an early age, cooking with his grandmother, watching his steps. From there, a long path of deep study, study, work that still continues: then apprenticeship with great names in Italian cuisine such as Gilberto Rossi and Daniele Sera, up to a pastry course with Iginio Massari, a true superstar of the sweetness.

The unmistakable style of Portanova’s dishes due to research and learning of the qualities of the individual ingredients that, as far as possible, are reworked in a modern key. While in terms of the pillars of tradition, these are proposed in an integral way, without in the least detrimental to the tradition that has bequeathed them to us. The raw materials used in the kitchen are all locally sourced.even on the walls aromatic plants and spices are grown, as well as vegetables such as salads, tomatoes and potatoes. In short, an eye for the local and Tuscan territory thanks to the use of first-rate ingredients. Each raw material is carefully processed to produce unique flavor harmonies, both in meat dishes and in fish dishes that are presented with innovative recipes.

La Enoteca: food and wine in an inseparable bond

Wine represents a fundamental element in Portanova’s philosophy, that combines the concept of a tavern with that of a masterfully curated wine shop tommy laurino, general manager and sommelier of the restaurant. Under his supervision, a winery is set up and maintained with some 300 proposals between national wines and international labels. The wines that he makes available to customers are chosen through a careful selection in which Tommy is in charge of examining those bottles that are most capable of enhancing the flavors of the kitchen.

This operation is possible thanks to a improvement and continuous study also in the world of wine. With a particular privilege towards Tuscany and local excellences, the numerous proposals that embellish the wine list are the result of a close collaboration with the most important local companies; the big names to be found in Portanova give value to the wine list which also includes some rare gems. Of particular value is the production of the house wine, produced by the work of two winemakers who carefully select the grapes to ensure a consistently high level of quality. Thanks to Tommy’s competence and professionalism. It is possible to be guided in the discovery of the many combinations that will contribute to making your stay in Portanova unrepeatable.

Kitchen and wine shop. they contribute to forging a unique food and wine experience: the flavors of the past merge with the precise and punctual innovations, almost surgical, of chef Lorenzo Somigli; to accompany this trip there are quality wines, with a varied menu, wisely constructed. The two proposals are framed in a historical, superb and elegant framework.



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Posted on May 12, 2022