Iron on baking paper?  That’s what it’s for!

Iron on baking paper? That’s what it’s for!

Do you know why you put parchment paper between the garment and the iron? discover it with us.

Normally the coarse salt in the kitchen, to flavor our dishes. But actually, it’s not just that. There are many different ways to use it. Let’s see some.

Coarse salt can be of great help in cleaning our home. In fact, it can be used in various ways to solve some everyday problems.

Salt: the different ways to use it (Web sources)

Yours iron may have some scale and you don’t know how to solve this problem. Nothing could be easier, to tell the truth: what you have to do is lay a piece of parchment paper on a flat surface.

Later, you’ll have to sprinkle a little salt and only at the end you will have to go over the hot iron. Then clean it with a cloth. With these small and easy steps, your iron will be as good as new.

Yes, while you’re cooking, an egg falls out, also in this case it is useful to use salt. Sprinkle with it dirty surface and let it act for about 15 minutes. Finally, you can clean with a damp cloth.

Salt: the different ways to use it

It can also be a great ally if you are cooking and grabbing fire the fat in the pan. How can you fix it? In this case, you should sprinkle the salt on top and in a short time this problem will also be solved.

It could also be used for cleaning of the most encrusted dishes. Normally, when cleaning, steel sponges are also used to try to clean them perfectly, but doing so can damage them. For this reason, even in this case, salt could really help.

What you have to do is sprinkle them with salt and then add a little water. Let it sit for a few minutes and then you can start doing the dishes. In this way, cleaning will be done faster and much easier.

Salt: the different ways to use it
Salt can also be used to clean scale well (Web Sources)

But there is still another remedy that could save you time and why not even money.

In fact, if the bathroom sink is clogged with hair and various dirt, to free it you can use the Saltthat you will put inside a container, add a little sodium bicarbonate. Spread this mixture in the sink and pour a littleWhite vinegar in the sink.

Finally, what you will have to do is pour boiling water down the drain to remove the residue.