L’Insalatona Più: new bowls with dressing

L’Insalatona Più: new bowls with dressing

Bonduelle launches the new range of bowls with L’Insalatona Più dressing and renews the Le Regionali range, thus expanding the offer with perfect recipes for the summer season, ideal for a complete, fresh and prepared lunch.

The L’Insalatona Più range was created to expand the offer to the consumer: three tempting bowls, sold weighing more than 165g, to satisfy the needs and palate of those looking for “something more”. The new range consists of:

  • The Most Tasty Salad with Tuna (165g), an explosion of flavor given by the combination of tuna, PDO feta cheese and croutons with a salad base made up of riccia, radicchio, valerianella and cherry tomatoes;
  • The Tastiest Salad with Chicken (170g): the taste of simplicity of sugarloaf, radicchio and fine leeks, songino and carrot meet the taste of chicken, Grana Padano PDO and green olives;
  • The Most Fanciful Salad with Salmon (165g): the deliciousness of salmon, black olives and croutons are mixed together with a salad base composed of riccia, radicchio, valerianella and cherry tomatoes.

the regionals
Great news for bowl salads which, despite the change in consumption habits, dictated by the expansion of smartworking, have continued to grow, registering +42% for the Le Regionali di Bonduelle range compared to the previous year [Fonte: Nielsen Scan Track, Mercato IV Gamma, Totale Italia, (I+S+LS+HD) a P13]thanks above all to its unique, strong and distinctive positioning.

The Le Regionali range is renewed, with a new unique and richer weight of 130 g, for the five recipes that celebrate the Italian agri-food tradition by focusing on local specialties and recipes without added preservatives. (except lombard recipe 130g).

recycled plastic
88% of Italians choose sustainable options when buying food products, with particular attention to packaging, considered one of the first characteristics that makes them sustainable. (Source: Coop Report 2021).

Bonduelle’s choice goes in this direction, which has chosen to use recycled plastic bowls (R-PET) for the Le Regionali range and for the new L’Insalatona Più range. In addition, a new separator is introduced that allows not only to give greater visibility to the ingredients, but also to save almost 10 tons (Source: internal data reworking) of plastic in a year.

This election takes up one of the objectives that is part of the “Bonduelle bets on sustainable agriculture” program: an ambitious plan of concrete actions that are carried out through a renewed and more sustainable approach to agriculture, products and the territory .

Bonduelle therefore positions itself as an ally for daily well-being and as a reliable, innovative and attentive partner for trade.

For more information: www.bonduelle.it

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