Luca Cillo from Benevento triumphs in the team pizza world cup |  NTR24.TV

Luca Cillo from Benevento triumphs in the team pizza world cup | NTR24.TV

Another prestigious award for the pizza master Luke Cillohe once again represented the Sannios throughout the peninsula, giving yet another display of talent, passion and skill in a challenging and unprecedented culinary contest.

The 38-year-old Beneventan, owner of ‘Cillo – Pizzeria e Friggitoria’ in the historic center of the city and already the protagonist of several prestigious gastronomic events capable of assigning his name to the small list of the most promising local pizzerias, has managed to succeed in the championship world from Pizza for teamsheld in days past a palermo.

The original contest, flagship of the sixth edition of ‘Expocook‘, an event that flies through the Sicilian food and wine heritage capable of attracting international chefs and the public of big occasions to the Sicilian capital, planned for each of the groups in competition by three pizza chefs, not necessarily from the same geographical area , invited to try their luck with different types of pizza, under the watchful and critical eye of a top-level jury.

As a team with colleagues from Naples and Melfi, under the aegis ofAssociation mixers italians Ethical Division, Cillo has reaped successes, applause and praise thanks to a delicious recipe based on cream of smoked aubergines, mozzarella, stracciata di burrata, candied tomatoes and Parmigiano Reggiano waffles. Particularly appetizing is also the dough of the Melfitano companion, centered on Lucana buffalo ricotta, chard, fresh sausage and bread crumble and Crusco, and that of the Neapolitan pizza maker, with cornice stuffed with ricotta, broccoli and shredded tarallini, to wrap a heart of meat sauce, meatballs, buffalo mozzarella, oil and basil.

‘It was an important, formative experience, capable of giving rude sensations to be described with words -says Cillo-. The contest represented a crucial moment of personal growth, and this is undoubtedly the most relevant aspect of the event, understanding that winning is always gratifying, especially due to the high level of the challengers from all over the world, and crown the effort and passion. . The best way possible. It is really wonderful -he concludes- to represent Sannio for Italy’.

Having just lowered the trophy, therefore, the local pizza master prepares to return to Benevento with a smile and a professional path implemented by the adventure in Sicilian lands, however, without resting too much on his laurels, since on the horizon already there is another Appointment to mark with a red circle on the calendar: on May 23, in fact, Cillo will again participate in the gastronomic appointment ‘diving oil‘at Villa Imperiale di Posillipo, curated by renowned artist of taste Angela Merolla, in a team with Luciano Sorbillo, Rodolfo Sorbillo and Giuseppe Cardone.