Maxi meat seizure |  stop at the butcher shop

Maxi meat seizure | stop at the butcher shop

There is a maxi confiscation of meat that has seen the policemen in charge of the controls intervene urgently, how many irregularities.

Maxi confiscation of meat, the Forest Police parked in the town of Roccarainolain the province of Naples, they have completed a vast operation aimed at eliminating a widespread case of illegality.

A policeman during a control in a butcher shop (Photo Ministry of Health)

Police took action in nearby Nolaa populous municipality also in the Neapolitan area, and they have ordered the closure of a butcher shop.

This choice occurred at the end of an inspection that ended with the appearance of various irregularities, as if to lead precisely to the maxi confiscation of the meat.

Among the non-conformities found by the authorities, there is the total lack of any indication and document traceability on the product. Which makes it unsuitable for sale anyway. Hence the maxi confiscation of meat.

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Maxi seizure of meat, including other non-compliant products

The amount in dispute, and to which the Carabinieri Forestali have put the stamps, consists in 35 kilos of red meat. But embargoed food items include also other type of product. And more specifically, both white and red wines and many eggs, as well as a variety of pastries.

Red meat on display at a butcher shop
Red meat on display at a butcher shop (Pixabay)

In addition to the seizure of all this, the owner of the butcher shop located in Nola also received a fine of 1500 euros. The police forces in charge, however, do not stop there and continue their controls.

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The lack of documents and information that reveals where the processed meat comes from is a very serious lack of compliance with current regulations on food safety.

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Actually this thing matches a lack of quality control. So it is not possible to know how high the actual health level of the meat itself is.

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