Mother’s Day Special Recipes for Sunday

Mother’s Day Special Recipes for Sunday

Mother’s Daythe special recipes for Sunday May 8. Many delicious dishes to celebrate the woman who gave us life.

Mother’s Day, special recipes for Sunday

Sunday May 8, 2022 and the Mother’s Day. It is an anniversary that was born in the USA, at the end of the 19th century. In our country, this holiday extends after the end of the Second World War.

To surprise the birthday girl, we can organize a meal delicious with our recipes.

Let’s start lunch on May 8th with a appetizer special. We suggest a homemade, fresh and delicious idea. Here is the recipe for peach and vodka cocktail.

Today we also cook bread. We offer you the Olive bread.

Our vegetarian appetizer it is aubergine and ricotta meatballs.
Easy to prepare, they can be baked or fried.

Our lunch continues with a beet risotto.
It is a cheerful, unusual and delicately flavored first course. Alternatively, here’s how to prepare the whole wheat pizza with asparagus.

The schedule for May 8 is le carrots with honey
Is a vegetarian platereally sweet and practical because it can be prepared in advance.
Instead, for the second we tried the Cod fritters.

Mother’s Day easy sweets

Our May 8 menu It also includes homemade, simple and unmissable desserts. Let’s learn how to prepare pear and chocolate cake .
An alternative is the wholemeal tartlets.

The cocoa cream makes these tartlets delicious.
A delicious dessert for Mother’s Day is there Strawberry mille fuille.
It is a summer dessert, economical and to prepare in a short time.

To conclude our menu, let’s try the coffee cocktail.
It is a drink based on coffee, cream and sugar that can be flavored with liquor or a pinch of bitter cocoa.