Neapolitan sandwiches with a soft consistency and a tasty filling, here is the traditional recipe

Neapolitan sandwiches with a soft consistency and a tasty filling, here is the traditional recipe

The incredible recipe for a different rustic dinner than usual is inspired by the gastronomy of Campania: here are the Neapolitan sandwiches, stuffed and delicious, each taste a triumph of goodness!

Do you want a delicious dinner, but different from the usual pizza? Here are the Neapolitan sandwiches, so called because they are one of the most popular street foods in Neapolitan gastronomy.

Soft and Tasty Neapolitan Sandwiches Recipe Printout

They are delicious, one leads to the other: with a smooth consistency and a rich and tasty filling, they are ideal for any occasion.

The easy recipe to get a perfect result is all here: it’s very easy, you can’t go wrong

No one can resist such deliciousness, you have to try to make these Neapolitan sandwiches at least once and you will see how good they are. Surely you will not be able to resist, they will become your favorite recipe to prepare on special occasions, perhaps to enrich your buffet at home for a party or to make an informal dinner with friends special. Let’s see together how to make them with our sprint recipe!

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500 g of flour 00
300ml of water
A cube of brewer’s yeast
lard to taste
15g of salt
for the filling:
3 hard boiled eggs
100 gr of chopped salami
80 gr of grated pecorino
80 gr of grated Parmesan cheese
150 grams of provolone cut into cubes
100 gr of diced cooked ham

Preparation of Neapolitan sandwiches original recipe

To prepare these delicious snacks, start by pouring water into a large container after you’ve heated it in a saucepan. It should be slightly warm, not hot, otherwise the yeast will not activate properly. Once this is done, crumble the yeast inside and dissolve it by mixing. Gradually add the flour along with the salt, kneading initially with a fork.

When the mixture begins to take consistency, transfer it to a lightly floured pastry board and start incorporating the butter: about four tablespoons, one at a time, working very well so that it is completely absorbed. Once this is done you will have obtained a smooth and elastic dough. Cover it and let it rise until it has doubled its volume.

After the necessary time, return the dough, knead briefly on a lightly floured surface and stretch it with your hands to form a rectangular sheet. Paint the surface with a little lard, fill with the chopped hard-boiled eggs and the salami and cheese, then close it by wrapping it carefully.

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Using a smooth-bladed knife, cut portions about 1-inches wide and place conveniently spaced on a parchment-lined drip tray. Transfer to the oven off with the light on and let rise for another hour.

At this point cook at 200 degrees for about 40 minutes and when they are golden turn off and serve immediately or let them cool for a few minutes before enjoying them.

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