Pizza Bit Competition, the results of the Sicilian stage for the title of Pizza Ambassador

Pizza Bit Competition, the seventh stage of the long marathon race that Dallagiovanna Mill he designed for professional pizza makers was held in Palermo at the White School of Art MAG – Academy of Masters Antonino Galvagno of Palermo.

Behind the scenes, the director of MAG, Giuseppe Amato, pastry chef at La Pergola with three stars in Rome, as well as Best Pastry Chef 2021″ of the Association des Grandes Tables du Monde, in the center of the jury’s photo.

A national competition in which 180 pizza makers will participate in 9 regional competitions, will continue with 3 semi-finals while the final will take place on September 10 at the headquarters of Dallagiovanna Mill in Gragnano Trebbianese (Pc) on the occasion of the celebrations for the 190 years of the company.

Dallagiovanna Mill is a leading company in the flour sector for the most diverse uses, from the most professional to the typically domestic, it boasts of being the only mill in Italy that still washes the wheat with water, so that the flour has a better quality , is also especially active in the professional training of its clients.

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Technical partner of the entire career is moretti-forniLeading company in baking technologies for leavened products with a wide range of ovens for all types of use, from professional to domestic, as well as accessories to make work easier and optimal.

The judge

On the Sicilian stage to conquer the palates of the qualified jury made up of industry experts and journalists They were:

· sergio codaPalermo, from the “Farina” pizzeria in Bologna;

· Lele Scandurra from the “Botanike” pizzeria in Catania.

· Raphael Pastor, Campania, from the “Arte e Gusto” pizzeria in Palermo

In accordance with the rules of the Pizza Bit Contest, the candidates in the contest were evaluated according to the following criteria: dough recipe (basic knowledge of kneading techniques, execution method, creativity), presentation of the final dish (plate, harmony, creativity), taste (chewability, harmony of flavors and combinations, cooking), candidate’s professionalism (dress and presence, communication skills, management and cleanliness of the workplace).

Sergio Coda’s pizza

In Palermo, 12 candied candidates were presented, all of whom appreciated their good technical knowledge of doughs, yeasts and maturation. But that’s not enough, the final winner will be Pizza Ambassador of Molino Dallagiovanna Therefore, in addition to being an expert pizza chef, you must have communication and teaching skills, and you must also have a good knowledge of at least the English language.

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