Pizza Buitoni |  very serious final balance between dead and intoxicated

Pizza Buitoni | very serious final balance between dead and intoxicated

The situation linked to what happened after the ingestion of several samples of contaminated Buitoni pizza will have other consequences.

buitoni pizzacases of Escherichia coli contamination which caused the death of two children and the intoxication of another fifty people, almost all minors, will have repercussions.

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Nestlé, which owns the brand, intends to prevent something as bad as what happened in France from happening again in the future. And while other investigations are being carried out on another 26 situations of potentially attributable infections to Pizza Buitoni Fraîch’Upthe multinational is called to rebuild its image.

The damage suffered was serious. Obviously, the death of two children is the worst thing that could happen, and Nestlé knows this very well. The problem has been referred to in other situations in the past. The first cases date back months before, with a first round of recalls in March regarding units manufactured in June 2021.

While the first infections are in January of this year, due to hemolytic uremic syndrome. That is, kidney failure typically caused by the attack of the E. coli bacteria. All production of Buitoni pizza is now suspended, waiting to understand how all this could have happened.

Pizza Buitoni, Nestlé very concerned about its customers

it has to be said that the Escherichia coli outbreak It has not only affected France but also other European states. In particular Andorra, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Slovenia. Nestlé expressed its closeness to the families of the victims and promised them all its support.

A freshly made pizza
A freshly made pizza (Pixabay

The same multinational confirms that it has even gone ahead of the food safety control authorities, by withdrawing its product as a precautionary measure. And in the meantime, anyone who has specimens of the Pizza Fraich’Up now he is bound to destroy them and not eat them at all, at Buitoni’s special invitation.

In the event that physical complications such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain arise even after a few days of possible ingestion of this product, consumers are encouraged to contact a physician as soon as possible.

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