Porzio explains Briatore with the review on TikTok

Porzio explains Briatore with the review on TikTok

Errico Porzio, a successful pizza chef and creator, went to Crazy Pizza in Rome to understand Flavio Briatore’s idea.

At Porzio, a solid reputation as a pizza chef and entrepreneur with (at least) five pizzerias under his belt, two in Naples, the rest in Salerno, Aversa and Rome, the contagious sympathy of Neapolitanism remains attached.

So he finds the time to be (also) the creator of digital content, pizza-themed of course, that he posts on social media. He is particularly strong on TikTok, where 780,000 followers follow and scroll through.

Ventricine pizza from Crazy Pizza
adriatic pizza
Adriatic Pizza from Crazy Pizza

His video reviews, like the most recent Crazy Pizza in Rome, are popular because Porzio doesn’t appear as a judge. But between simple concepts interspersed with the inevitable “Uagliù” they try to explain the exceptional pizzas *in their own way*.

Cracco’s pizza, to say, with one of Porzio’s most viewed videos, and now Briatore’s Crazy Pizza.

A chain of pizzerias

crazy pizza outside
Crazy Pizza entrance in Rome

Crazy Pizza is a chain of pizzerias sought after by Flavio Briatore and part of the Majestas Catering group as well as other brands such as Twiga, Cipriani and Cova.

Carefreeness, elegance, prestigious positions and high but not irritating prices are the common traits of pizzerias. As in the case of Crazy Pizza Roma, in via Veneto, where Errico Porzio was.

The brand debuted in 2018 with a store at the Billionaire in Porto Cervo. The following year, the Montecarlo pizzeria was opened in the charming area of ​​Puerto Hércules.

In February 2022 Crazy Pizza landed in Rome with war intentions. Because, as Briatore himself explained: “Rome is full of pizzerias, but Pizza Antonio, Pizza Giuseppe. There is no mark.”

Errico Porzio has not yet been there for one of his video reviews, but Crazy Pizza a month later, in March 2022, also arrived in Milan.

Today Crazy Pizza has 6 pizzerias.

crazy pizza milan
Inside Crazy Pizza Milan
Crazy Pizza Milano outdoor pizzeria briatore
Crazy Pizza Milano, outside area

In addition to Porto Cervo and Montecarlo, there are two locations in London, in the Marylebone and Knightsbridge area (one million euros lost in the first year of operation).

One in Rome and one in Milan.

Two other pizzerias are opening in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, and in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Crazy Pizza: menus and prices

Crazy Pizza Rome menu

Crazy Pizza’s prices are high but not irritating, Errico Porzio also confirmed this. This is if we take pizza margherita as a term of comparison.

These, however, that remain in Milan, are the prices of other popular pizzas:


  • (Mozzarella, bresaola, tomato veal heart, arugula and Parmigiano Reggiano flakes)


  • (Tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and cooked ham)

PATA NEGRA €65, the highest price of Crazy Pizza, according to Porzio

  • (Tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and Pata Negra Joselito ham)


  • (Tomato sauce, buffalo morsels, candied Datterini tomatoes, Taggiasca olives, dried chilli and pesto).

How is Crazy Pizza according to Errico Porzio

Errico Porzio tries the “Briatore pizza” at Crazy Pizza on via Veneto in Rome

In the video shot in Rome, the Neapolitan pizza chef, being a professional, made fleas in the “pizza di Briatore”.

Price. True, Porzio points out, at Crazy Pizza the pizza with Pata Negra costs €65. But ordering a Margherita pizza doesn’t exhaust the sweaty savings: €14.

Cornice. In this pizza, the edge that ignites the desire for Neapolitan pizza is practically absent.

Block. Crazy Pizza’s, Porzio points out, is smaller than that of Neapolitan pizzerias: 170/180 grams vs. 240/280g. It spreads very well, first with your hands and then with a roller. The result is a thin pizza, which can be eaten effortlessly and quickly digested.

Dough: no yeast. It matures about 20 hours. Once the pizza is cooked, a slight pressure is enough to break it like a bread stick. The wedge held in the hands bends, it does not remain straight like that of Neapolitan pizza.

Cooking: in the electric oven, therefore at a much lower temperature, about 250 degrees, compared to the cooking of Neapolitan pizza, which ranges between 400 and 450 degrees.

As a result, the disk of dough stays in the Crazy Pizza oven for about 3 minutes, reports Porzio. A couple more than the Neapolitan pizza.

Quality: You can’t taste the quality in a pizza like this.

repeatability: while good pizza makers give their soul to calibrate times and yeast, or to find the right flour, Briatore simplifies.

Direct dough, without yeast, small bread, cooking in an electric oven. A poor quality pizza but light, digestible. Above all, easily replicable at any latitude, in Rome as in Doha, in Monte Carlo as in Riyadh.

This is a Crazy Pizza formula that, according to Errico Porzio, turns Briatore into a “new genius” entrepreneur.