Rabbit food, but make it delicious: here are the best salad recipes TikTok has to offer

Rabbit food, but make it delicious: here are the best salad recipes TikTok has to offer


The Kardashian clan knew what they were doing when they regularly ate healthy Calabasas-based nut salads for countless seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The days of terrible mushy lettuce salad lunches are over, as the internet is bursting with tasty, textured, and downright beautiful salad recipes to spice up your daily diet, not to mention your Instagram page.

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Whether you like sweet and savory salads with homemade honey Dijon dressing and fruit dressings, or prefer to keep it simple with some chopped veggies and a Hidden Valley Ranch sketch, TikTok has a healthy yet delicious recipe for you.

In honor of National Salad Month, created by the Sauces and Dressings Association in 1992, we’ve put together a list of the best salad recipes on TikTok. With celebrity concoctions and ingredient lists from everything but the kitchen sink, none of these recipes will leave you with a grumbling belly; fill as much as possible.

Sexy girl or not, this tasty salad without lettuce will make you feel spicy. @saladlab

Hot Girl’s Summer Salad from @Jayria #saladrecipes #Salad #saladsoftiktok #thesaladlab #rose #murphygoode

♬ Sunroof – Nicky You are and stunned

We have to give credit where credit is due. With over 1.2 million likes, TikTok user @herdresscode’s “sexy summer girl” salad recipe helped her lose 20 pounds, “tearing her life apart” in the process. The Salad Lab has released their version of the viral video of her.

With amazing ingredients like chopped cucumber, bell pepper, hard-boiled egg, red onion, chiles, sunflower seeds, and Kroger’s Spicy Italian Dressing (any Italian dressing is fine), this salad will nourish your body and please your palate.

The article continues with the commercials. Kourtney Kardashian’s “editing meeting” Poosh Salad is the most feminine recipe on our list. @lamodernona

Kourtney Kardashian Salad

♬ She shares story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

Of course, we’ve included a Kardashian-approved recipe. TikTok user @themodernnonna has recreated Kourtney’s famous weekly salad (because we all have one), complete with a dressing she could “snort.”

Stuffed with tender chicken breast marinated in orange juice, cucumber, julienned carrots, romaine lettuce, avocado slices and topped with honey Dijon and lemon dressing, this salad will have you feeling like an E! reality icon.

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Hot Girls Summer Roast Salad full recipe on my insta #hotgirlsummer #saladsoftiktok #fyp シ #xyzbca

♬ Tom’s Diner – AnnenMayKantereit and giant towers

Tiktok user @emthenutritionist has created a warm-toned salad that’s almost too good to eat. Featuring brilliant shades of pink, red, and orange, the stars of the show are butternut squash, red onion, red bell pepper, chickpeas, feta, and pomegranate seeds. Its homemade lemon tahini dressing makes it that much more tempting.

Find the full recipe from Emily English on her Instagram!

Article continues below Advertisement This Chicken Stone Fruit Slaw is about to become our new summer staple. @violeta.cuochi

Summer salad 10/10 if you want to use a stone fruit salad #mindfulness

♬ Back pocket – Vulfpeck

“My mom grew up on a commune in Northern California in the 1970s, so she made a lot of salads for us growing up,” says TikTok user @violet.cooks at the beginning of her salad video. How do you keep scrolling after that intro?

With carefully massaged garlic, chives, Dijon mustard, peaches, strawberries, goat cheese, chicken breast and kale, Violet’s salad makes the Oreo sleeve look a little less sexy.

Article continues in commercials”Hungry Woman” Chopped Kale Salad is perfect for meal prep. @katcancook

Kale Salad with Lemon Tahini Sauce – For when you want a salad that fills you up!

♬ original sound – Kathleen Ashmore

A former private chef, TikTok user @katcancook said this salad “holds up well all week in the fridge.”

Including cucumbers, kale, fennel, red bell peppers, chickpeas, green onions, walnuts, and lemon tahini dressing, this recipe is “for when you want a salad that fills you up,” as Kathleen Ashmore put it.

This salad adds some much-needed warmth to the Baked by Melissa’s OG Green Goddess recipe. @myhealthyplate

Updated the Green Goddess Salad inspired by @Baked by Melissa #greengoddess #healthyrecipe

♬ Rims – Instrumental – Post Malone

TikTok user @myhealthydish felt the viral Green Goddess Salad Recipe Baked by Melissa needed something. Basically, it needed more fat and more spice.

Then, he added avocado and jalapeño peppers. This updated salad also includes spinach, lemon juice, scallions, almonds, Parmesan cheese, apple cider vinegar, kale, and green onions. Once you dip tortilla chips into this creamy dream come true, you’ll be changed forever.


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