Raw tomato: here’s why you should be careful when eating it

Raw tomato: here’s why you should be careful when eating it

The tomato is one of the favorite foods, especially during spring and summer, the perfect ally for quick and fresh lunches… but you have to pay close attention when consuming this type of raw food. This is when.

The nutritional properties of the tomato do not have indifferent beneficial effects on the skin, but at the same time also of the calories to which we must pay attention, which is why nutritionists include it in diets with specific modalities and weights.

Raw tomato makes – RicetteSprint

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However, as we have explained before, there are cases in which it is necessary to pay close attention when eating tomatoes, especially raw. The reasons will leave you absolutely speechless.

Raw tomato, why pay attention

The tomato, therefore, is a food rich in vitamins capable of considerably acting on the body in many ways, also in relation to the well-being of one’s own body, such as skin care. This vegetable, for example, contains a high antioxidant power and is therefore capable of protecting the skin and delaying aging and more.

Raw tomato makes - RicetteSprint
Raw tomato makes – RicetteSprint

In addition, the tomato is also used effectively to prevent cardiovascular diseases and more, since this is one of the foods considered anti-cancer and therefore at the forefront of cancer prevention, all thanks to the presence of beta carotene, lycopene and vitamin E

However, there are cases where you need to be careful when eating raw tomatoes, which could have negative effects on your body.

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Be careful with tomatoes, especially in these cases

Yes, there are cases in which it is necessary to pay close attention when eating raw tomatoes, especially for salads. The difference in this case branches into the derivation of the tomato and therefore if it is a seasonal or greenhouse-grown vegetable.

The latter has a much thicker skin which favors greater acidification and makes the tomato less digestible, generating Reflux, regurgitation, fireetc…

In this sense, it should be remembered that the summer tomato is also considered deacidifierso if eaten raw it becomes a food not suitable for those who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux.

Raw tomato makes - RicetteSprint
Raw tomato ago – RicetteSprint

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