Recipe – Chicken in Egg Sauce

Recipe – Chicken in Egg Sauce

The recipe for chicken in egg sauce, a second course from Pellegrino Artusi, but in a simplified and quick version.

The chicken in egg sauce is a recipe that goes back to Pellegrino Artusi in his “The science of cooking and the art of eating well” published in 1891. It is a cult book for passionate gastronomes and not only, it is in fact one of the books that has it unified the competition of the Italians for their language, so widespread and appreciated.

It is a very simple recipe, which in the original version is prepared with pieces of chicken, but in this version we have chosen the breast because it is easier to cook and also to eat, since it does not have bones. The sauce is not very easy to make, you have to prevent the egg from going crazy, so first you have to beat the yolk well with the lemon to be able to marinate it and, in some way, cook it. Then the sauce is transferred to the hot pan, but absolutely not to the fire, and you have to continue stirring vigorously so that no lumps form.

You can serve the chicken with slices of fresh spring onion or raw green pepper. But it’s also good that way, perhaps accompanied by a salad.

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To make the chicken in egg sauce recipe, cut the chicken breast into pieces.


Pass it through flour and shake each piece to remove excesses.


Brown it in a pan until it has a uniform color.


In a bowl, beat the egg yolks with the lemon juice.


Remove the chicken from the pan and, in the same pan while still hot but away from the heat, pour in the egg and stir quickly to form the sauce.


Pour sauce over chicken and serve.


chicken in egg sauce

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