ReggioTV – News – Fiumara di Muro.  Itinerary ‘The street of the Convent, Borgo Terra and Mino Reitano’

ReggioTV – News – Fiumara di Muro. Itinerary ‘The street of the Convent, Borgo Terra and Mino Reitano’

“The historical, sports, naturalistic, cultural and gastronomic itinerary called: “La Vía del Convento, Borgo Terra y Mino Reitano”, created to enhance the image of Fiumara and also promote the possible presence of new tourists, curious people, visitors and recover the splendor. and pride to the country, dreaming of a future that resembles the past, must continue”.
So says Fortunato Calabrò, Councilor for Culture of the Fiumara City Council.

“A path strongly desired by the Municipal Administration of Fiumara led by Mayor Vincenzo Bellè, to launch a network between territories through tourism, aimed at the promotion, enhancement and use of assets of historical and social interest and expression of the cultural identity of the municipality – added Calabrò – which in agreement with ASD ASPROMONTE Trails AICS and BORGHI Aics Italy showed the many beauties of our territory in the second stage of urban trekking on Sunday, April 24, 2022 “.

“A path well done, balanced and fluid, capable of giving just evidence to the many historical and naturalistic sites in our territory – continues Councilor Calabrò – such as the walls of the old Capuchin Convent, animated, until not long ago, by the domestic and sacred gestures of a solitary monk; of the façade of the Palazzo Catalani, whose imposing entrance exhorts the distracted traveler to delve into the remains of a past that does not want to die; of the Antico Campanile, sentinel of the underlying valley; of Borgo Croce, with its colored houses; of the birthplace of the well-known singer-songwriter Mino Reitano in the village of San Pietro; of altars carved by the sun and ringing of bronze bells in the churches of the San Rocco and San Nicola farmhouses; with the changing green of the trees, the scents of the orange blossom, the blue of a sea not too far away; like the river that once wanted to run nearby and impose a memory of itself, Fiumara, in the name of the place”.
This land of Moors and walls is a tangle, ready to offer the visitor untouched swaths of charm and peace. And it is a repository of wonders that whoever travels through it has to discover and that, at times, does not hesitate to wake up from the corners visited for a long time, because there is no known space that does not keep in itself the opportunity of an unexpected mystery.
“Happy and satisfied therefore -added Calabrò- to propose and promote, with this initiative, the creation for tourism purposes, of a network for heritage of historical interest, focusing on cultural excellence, on traditions and on the numerous characteristic historical and naturalistic beauties that characterize our territory, also highlighting the spirit of many people who work every day with passion and self-sacrifice, producing extraordinary results in the context of the Municipality of Fiumara.

“A due thanks – continues Commissioner Calabrò – goes, therefore, to all the restaurateurs, bakeries, local farms, as well as the housewives of the village who have made their products and skills available so that our community can be told, even gastronomically, in the best way, cooking and offering our typical products of the land, such as tripe and beans with friselle, cheese, ricotta, salami and chorizo, wine, hot bread, jams and sweets based on annona, lemons and oranges, for all the participants of the “Via del Convento, Borgo Terra and Mino Reitano” itinerary, also enchanted by the many beauties and delights of our territory”.
“Certainly – concluded Calabrò – the trip cannot be considered exhausted or concluded. Our territory can be considered a true treasure chest. In fact, there are many historical places and cultural, naturalistic and enogastronomical excellences that still exist. They deserve to be known and deepened .

There is still a lot to do and still a lot to discover… just question the old stones; yes, because the stones of Fiumara speak: it is enough to know how to listen to them. Our work, from institutions that seek to better represent the multiple riches of our territory, promoting them and putting them on the network, will be to value the best of present excellence, to make our territorial context more and more attractive in terms of tourism and culture. . “.

04-27-2022 23:24