Rice flour: how to make it at home, ideas to use it

Rice flour: how to make it at home, ideas to use it

Among the many flours that can be used to make excellent sweet and savory products, one of the most versatile is rice flour, used alone or also in combination with other flours. With this preparation based of rice you can create tasty, healthy and rich in properties recipes that are also easier to digest.

It’s easily found in supermarkets and grocery stores, or you can even make it at home if you prefer. Its use is similar to that of wheat flour, although some more precautions are needed to regulate the amount of water and fermentation times.

gluten free rice flour

The first feature that makes the rice flour one of the best is the relationship between rice and gluten; simply, gluten is absent from this food. In fact, many people suffer from celiac disease or gluten allergy, and the first question they ask in this context is whether rice contains gluten or less; consequently, even the flour made with it will or will not have this component.

The answer is as simple as it is reassuring: no, there isn’t, in fact we are talking about gluten free rice. Consequently, the celiac rice It is fine, as it is for anyone with an intolerance to gluten, both as a food in cereals and in other preparations, such as flour.

Obviously when they’re ready rice flour recipes for celiacs it is important to be careful not to use other ingredients that contain gluten, and even not to contaminate pots and cutlery. In fact, watch out for contamination; If you bake a wheat-based cake or flatbread in a pan, you should wash or change it before using gluten-free ingredients.

It is also important to always check the labels of the products and make sure that the symbol with the crossed ear appears, which indicates the absence of gluten.

However, this is not the only reason to use this flour. It does not take from the grains from which it derives only the absence of gluten free ricein fact, but also many other characteristics: among the properties of rice flour and benefits are the low content of sodium and fat, along with a high presence of minerals and vitamins. In addition, for lovers of whole grain products, it is also possible to find the brown rice flour. In other words, it is a versatile flour that is easy to find and perfect for many recipes.

Sweet recipes with rice flour

This flour lends itself perfectly to the preparation of excellent rice flour recipes sweet, with a smooth consistency and very crumbly on the palate. In particular, cakes, tarts and shortbread cookies are very popular. There Cake shop with rice flour In fact, it is a basic recipe that can later give life to many other creations, and in the process it is very similar to the traditional one. You just have to notice that you will get a slightly less compact dough, and take this into account for cooking times as well.

To have a better effect, just mix this flour with potato starch (or other flours if there are no intolerances), so that there is a perfect dough. This is if it is homemade rice flour or bought at the supermarket. Speaking of which, if you’re wondering how to make rice flour, it will be useful to know that it is enough to simply grind and pulverize uncooked rice with a powerful blender and then store it in a can. Nothing easier.

Carrot and Almond Cake

if you’re wondering how to use rice flour in a cake, the perfect answer is a fluffy carrot cake. Simply combine grated carrots, finely chopped toasted almonds, rice flour, sugar and eggs. You will get a soft, tasty and light sponge cake, perfect for snacks and breakfasts.

pancake recipe

For Pancake fluffy and light, this flour is perfect. The preparation is common to the most classic pancakes, in fact it is enough to mix eggs, milk, sugar, a touch of yeast (alternatively baking soda or cream of tartar) and rice flour. These pancakes can be decorated at will, and in particular we recommend an excellent berry jam.

Rice flour bread and pizza

In addition to desserts, this flour is also perfect for various savory preparations. It is possible to do for example one rice flour bread recipe fragrant and tasty, with the addition of a gum or thickener to the dough. the yeast of rice bread in this case it is short, about an hour or an hour and a half, and it is good to remember that the addition of other flours or products with gluten will cancel the characteristic without gluten.

Another very good alternative is rice flour pizza combined with corn starch. In this case it is important to double leaven, first in a large bowl and then with the dough already spread in the pan. The result will be spectacular.