salmonella food |  recall of contaminated food

salmonella food | recall of contaminated food

The competent authorities intervene on the risk of Salmonella in food. What is the food product that is withdrawn from commerce.

Salmonella food risk, The authorities in charge of food safety and health controls have identified a controversial case. For this reason, a product has suffered a stop to be put on the market.

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Due to the risk of Salmonella, it appears that there is a food recall of a product that is not very common in our parts but that Italy continues to import from abroad. And more to be precise from Slovenia.

It must be said that the presence of the risk of Salmonella always leads to the implementation of the safety protocols provided to protect the health of consumers. In this very specific situation, RASFF took care of it.

The Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed Safety has prepared the immediate stop for a food considered unsafe.

Salmonella food, what is contaminated food: immediate stop

It is about frozen venison morsels from slovenia. Inside this meat there is such an amount of salmonellosis bacteria that it allows RASFF officials to highlight the provision prohibiting the processing of said meat.

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it all happened anyway in the pre-production stages. This means that the food recalled by RASFF did not have the opportunity to be displayed for public sale in supermarkets and stores.

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Thanks to RASFF we can rest easy. The body in question works hard every day supervising all commercial traffic in the food sector and intervening to block all cases considered controversial. And where the safety of consumers could be at risk, even for the most insignificant reasons.

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