Samantha Bevilacqua who was the girl who died after a breast operation

Samantha Bevilacqua who was the girl who died after a breast operation

Antonio Bevilacqua, her husband, had tried several times to convince her: ““But why do you want to have this treatment? You don’t need it,” I repeated. But she was happy, she told me to be calm ». The wife of Samantha Bevilacqua, the 35-year-old woman who died on Thursday, April 21, in Maranello, in the province of Modena, cannot find peace after a breast treatment carried out in her home.

Samantha and Antonio had been married for a few months, she was the mother of five children. She had had a hard, hard life. She had been a victim of violence and attempted femicide. Two years ago her ex-boyfriend, Giuseppe Micillo, asked her for the umpteenth time to get back together.

When she refused, he shot her in the head. Samantha had miraculously survived. However, it had been long months of suffering and rehabilitation. Finally, Samantha felt calmer in a while. She had met Antonio, a beautiful extended family was born, far from Naples and from the darkest memories. She then decided to undergo that breast treatment, nothing too invasive.

According to Antonio’s story, Samantha had found on the Web the number of Pamela Andress, of South American origin, qualified as a beautician, who, it turns out, was not a beautician. The appointment was for Thursday the 21st, at 1 pm, at Samantha and Antonio’s house. Mr. Bevilacqua explained to the police: “I was cooking, I entered the room where my wife and the lady were staying four times.

At one point that woman asked me to cut a bottle in half because she had to put silicone on it.” Antonio was worried: «I went back to the kitchen, but I felt that something was wrong, so Samantha called me: “Tony, I’m not well!”, she said. I entered the room and was impressed by the syringes I saw, all stuck under the breast, so much so that on the right my wife was quite swollen. I asked that lady what she had injected and she replied: “Nothing, an anesthetic”.

When Samantha started feeling sick, Pamela Andress grabbed all of her things and left. “She said she had to make a phone call and she disappeared,” recalls Antonio. Pamela Andress’s lawyers, Francesco Andriulli and Guido Guida, assure that the woman did not flee but that she only left once the ambulance was called. And when she read on the Internet that Samantha was dead, she was born in Cento, where her partner lives.

Released, he is now being investigated on the loose. According to the lawyers, a fee had not yet been agreed, although in reality the investigators show that, for the treatment, the false beautician had asked for 1,200 euros. Pamela Andress is actually an event planner. She told police that she had known Samantha Migliore for some time, with whom they liked each other because they were both from Naples. She also said that she had given the woman similar treatment a long time ago.

Now she is being investigated for abusive exercise of the profession, lack of assistance and death as a result of another crime. Only the autopsy will clarify what substance was injected into Samantha’s body and what exactly caused her death. Plastic surgeon Pietro Lorenzetti tells People, “Even if this lady had been a real beautician, nothing has changed: Only a doctor, and specifically a plastic surgeon, is trained to perform such treatments.

In addition, they should always be carried out in a suitable structure. You have to flee when interventions like this are proposed at home, where normal health and safety precautions cannot be respected. However, there is also more. Lorenzetti continues: «It seems that Samantha was injected with liquid silicone, a substance that has been prohibited since 1992. It has a very low cost, that is why there are those who are attracted to those who offer this type of treatment. But liquid silicone was banned because it’s so bad, it’s harmful and it’s dangerous.”