Samantha Migliore, who is the suspect Pamela Andress: “I didn’t run away”

Samantha Migliore, who is the suspect Pamela Andress: “I didn’t run away”

Samantha Migliore35 years old, died on Thursday, April 21 at the Baggiovara hospital after a homemade breast enhancement I end badly The young woman married a little over a month ago, on March 12, with Antonio Bevilacquawho today, desperate, can only recount the last moments of his wife’s life to help investigators reconstruct what happened.

The beautician just said ‘sorry I need to make a call’ and she left the room leaving my wife in my armsthen she ran away, I haven’t seen her anymore”, says Bevilacqua through tears outside his house in Maranello, near Modena.

The author of the intervention was born yesterday afternoon: he is pamela andress, 50-year-old trans woman, born in Salvador de Bahía (Brazil). she deals with she organizes events and is a stylist, but she is certainly not a beautician as she had led Samantha Migliore and her husband to believe. For the fatal intervention, Andress would have demanded from the couple an amount equal to €1,200.

Samantha Migliore murdered by a retouch: the testimony of her husband Antonio

Samantha was delighted to undergo this treatment, but I felt something was wrong. He had all these great silicone syringes stuck under the breast, so many, so much so that the right breast was quite swollen”, says Antonio, who cooked while the surgery was performed in the room.

Then he continues: “I entered the room where they were staying four times and the lady asked me to cut a plastic bottle in half because she had to put silicone on it. After a while’, my wife started saying ‘Tony, I don’t feel good’ so I told her to leave him alone“. Then Bevilacqua asked what had been injected into his wife and Andress replied: “an anesthesia“, but without specifying what type.

So a few minutes passed, I went back there -Antonio continues- but then I heard the cry ‘love, I’m not well’, Samantha was passing out“. When the author of the intervention realized that the woman’s condition was becoming quite serious (since Samantha Migliore could not drink even a glass of water and sugar), it would be ran away taking everything: aluminum trays and syringes, although one of them remained at home and is now in the hands of the Carabinieri.

Pamela Andress speaks, investigated by the prosecutor on the run: “When I left I was alive”

The most accepted hypothesis is that Samantha Migliore was hit by one Anaphylactic shockbut wait for theautopsy to determine the causes of death. now there The Modena Prosecutor’s Office has entered the suspect register Pamela Andress with the accusations of abusive exercise of the profession, omission of rescue and death as a result of another crime. The injections and infiltrations performed on Samantha were not her responsibility and the instruments with which they were performed were obviously inadequate.

Today Pamela Andress, famous for organizing events for the rights of the LGBT+ community, denies having fled after Samantha fell ill. According to what was reported by the Modena Officerwould have said: “When I left she was still alive I understood what had happened and that they were looking for me only the next day, I connected to the Internet and I couldn’t believe something so terrible.“.

This version has been denied several times by Antonio Bevilacqua, according to whom Andress’ escape was voluntary and caused by the seriousness of Samantha’s conditions. Right now, the self-proclaimed beautician is investigated adrift.

Pamela’s Lawyers’ Version: “Deal Made in Friendship”

Pamela Andress’ lawyers, Francesco Andriulli and Guido Guida, argue that your client was present when the ambulance was called and that he only realized the seriousness of the situation the day after, when then it was going to be constituted. The attorneys also point out that Pamela Andress and Samantha Migliore have known each other for a long time and that that was not the first intervention: a few years ago another similar one would have been made.

In short, according to Andress’ attorneys, Thursday was one single prick for which “the two had talked about money but without agreeing on precise figures, Andress had not received any money, the deal in the end was made in friendship. Version denied also in this case by Bevilacqua, according to which a payment of 1,200 euros for that operation.

Surgeon Zarabini: “You always have to turn to professionals”

After the tragedy that struck Samantha Migliore in Modena, many Plastic surgeons intervened to emphasize the importance of going to experts for such delicate interventions. Andrea Zarabinimedical director of the plastic surgery company Ausl, said interviewed by The Republic:

There is a parallel world to public health and private nursing homes where a little bit of everything is done. Surely, what must be emphasized in the field of plastic surgery is that it is always important to contact qualified professionals in medicine and surgery.

If you want to get a massage, you can also go to the basement of a beautician, but any infiltrative activity, even a simple filling, requires the intervention of a professional. Someone who trivially publishes a report saying what he did to the patient and what substance he injected.

Who was Samantha Migliore, victim of attempted murder in 2020

Samantha Migliore killed by a retouch, who is the suspect Pamela Andress: "I didn't run away"

This is not the first time that Samantha Migliore has ended up among the saddest pages of the news. Two years ago, on November 16, 2020, her then-partner tried to shoot her dead after a fight. The man will confess everything to the Carabinieri soon after and, fortunately, Samantha will be able to survive almost miraculouslydespite the superficial fracture of the cranial bones.

Today Samantha leaves behind five children., two with her first husband and three with her partner who tried to kill her. Antonio Bevilacqua, her current partner, worked like her at Coopservice, a cleaning company. Today man is incapable of giving himself peace. On the other hand, he saw his wife die right in her arms: “We were very much in love. I’ll start from scratch, like I always have. It will be difficult, but I will achieve it.“.

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