Scrocchiarella, a journey to the taste of the Italian gastronomic tradition

Scrocchiarella, a journey to the taste of the Italian gastronomic tradition

With the Le Preferite format, the Scrocchiarella bases prepared with natural mother yeast respecting craftsmanship, constitute the perfect combination with the ingredients of the territory.
At Cibus, 4 pizza makers surprised the public every day with recipes with a “wow” effect in 4 different Scrocchiarella bases.

At Scrocchiarella you cannot resist and in fact all those who came to the AB Italmill space during the recently concluded edition of Cibus (Fiere di Parma, May 3-6, 2022) were able to try it. With a workstation dedicated to the preparation of Scrocchiarelle in “continuous cycle” mode throughout the day, between 3,000 and 3,500 cuppings per day were carried out.

Scroccariella: a recognized and appreciated brand

“Today Scrocchiarella is now a recognized brand, says Ennio Parentinicommercial director AB Mauri Italia of which the division Ab Italmill is part- with a product that stands out in all its formats, not just the pizza shovel. In short, compared to everything that the market offers, Scrocchiarella is another planet and always surprises those who try it”.

On the occasion of this edition, 4 new pizza makers participated who, with the “Favorites” format, brought to the fair a recipe with Scrocchiarella and ingredients from their territory, confirming how many different possibilities of interpreting the filling can be for the operator who chooses the quality of a Scrocchiarella base.

Ennio Parentini, Commercial Director of AB Mauri Italia

“The Cibus was a good excuse to also choose a new way of communicating the brand both through emotional videos, which illustrated the steps of preparing the filling, and through direct Facebook that involved each pizza maker who shared their experience with Scrocchiarella. in your restaurant, the reasons why the customer likes it and some curious details of your recipe”.

Here are the 4 “Favorites” proposed during Cibus: Scrocchiarella and local products

The “Le Preferite” format continues, expressing well how much Scrocchiarella lends itself in a universal way to merge with the flavors of each territory and the tastes of the Italian gastronomic tradition. For a perfect combination of the world of bakery and all the specialties that are part of a heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation.

There are 4 pizza makers called to interpret the recipes from 4 different Italian territories: Clara for Emilia Romagna, Sara for Lombardy, Marco for Puglia and Michele for Basilicata.
Some in a more conservative way, others in a more innovative way, each one has developed a recipe with Scrocchiarella in the format and flour of their preference and the typical products of their territory.

Classic foundation Tonda 31 for Clara Micheli

Clara Micheli’s “Preferita” proposal – photo courtesy of AB Mauri Italia

Technical consultant and trainer of the contemporary pizzeria world, Clara interprets Oro Nero, favoring the simplicity and taste intensity of PGI products from the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Colonnata lard and Acacia honey enriched with Mazzetti L’Originale Black Label Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. A perfect synergy between AB Mauri, leader in the production of yeast and ingredients for bakery, pastry and pizza, and Acetum, the world’s number one producer of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP, both belonging to Associated British Foods Group (www.abf. co .uk).

Rustic base Tonda 31 for Marco Bovio

Owner of the “Giotto” pizzeria restaurant in Bari, in his recipe “Sole di Puglia” Marco reproduces to the nth degree a range of the most intense flavors of his land. From the Primitivo di Manduria used for the coppa of marinated pork, to the Caciocavallo Podolico, to the wedding onions from whose plumes he obtains the final decorative part, to the dried tomatoes that only the Puglia sun makes so tasty (opening photo).

Rice Base Venere © 55 x 25 for Michele Leo

Michele Leo’s “Favorite” – photo courtesy of AB Mauri Italia

Owner of the “Il Brigante di Venosa” pizzeria that, with the “Annarella” recipe, revives a typical dish of the Lucan tradition, Baccalà, combining the strong flavor of the sea with the slightly bitter taste of turnip tops and sapidity. from the pulp red and yellow datterini tomatoes that release a Mediterranean energy.

Classic base 30 x 40 for Sara Guariglia

La Preferita by Sara Guariglia – photo courtesy of AB Mauri Italia

Pizza chef at “I love Andrea’s pizza” pizzeria in San Paolo d’Argon (BG), Sara recreates Casonsei with a “wow” effect by breaking down the ingredients of the traditional recipe to find them in each slice in an extraordinarily tasty whole. harmonious and welcoming.