Smart, light and particular, we make together the spelled pizza rich in vegetables

Smart, light and particular, we make together the spelled pizza rich in vegetables

It is a pizza but wisely prepared, without yeast and with spelled flour, covered with a mix of tasty fresh vegetables.

Today we show you a recipe that everyone will surely like, a fantastic alternative for a rushed last-minute dinner, the intelligent spelled pizza with vegetables, you will think of the usual dough that, although simple to prepare, requires long yeast times, in change That’s how it is, today we are going to replace the classic yeast with the instant one, with the guarantee of the classic dough, soft and easy to work with but halving the times of a large amount of time, ready to use practically immediately .

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The filling is made with a fresh or frozen vegetable mix of spinach, butternut squash, red onion and tomato, all dressed with parsley and basil and a little Parmesan, to make it even tastier we thought we’d add a little ricotta and a little of stringy Asiago, nsomma a peculiarity that is worth trying. If you use fresh vegetables, they are boiled or microwaved for 5 minutes and we explain how to do it, if instead you opt for a classic frozen mix, it is ready to use immediately.

The most particular and fastest smart pizza ever tasted

So there is no need to get lost in talk, follow the recipe step by step, pay attention to the doses, respect and you will get a fabulous chef-proof result.

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes

Ingredients for 6 pizzas

for the mass

1 kg of spelled flour
600 ml of warm water
80ml of sunflower oil
10g of salt
1 sachet of instant yeast for savory preparations
1 teaspoon of sugar to activate the yeast

for coverage

300g fresh or frozen spinach
300g pumpkin
1 red onion
400 ml of tomato sauce
500g cottage cheese
150g Parmesan cheese
200 g of asiago
Salt to taste
pepper as needed
olive oil to taste
parsley to taste
basil to taste

Preparation of the spelled pizza with vegetables

To make this rich recipe is really very simple, start with the dough, pour the warm water into a bowl, dissolve the yeast inside and add salt, sugar and oil, stirring continuously even with a spatula, add the flour, then knead with your hands when it begins to compact until the mixture is smooth and dry, (if it is very sticky, add more flour) temporarily set aside covered with a cloth.


Prepare the vegetables, if you choose the fresh ones, clean them well, the weight indicated among the ingredients refers to the weight of the clean vegetables, you can choose to boil them in different pans, with water and salt for 5 minutes, (for the spinach the same also if you use the frozen ones) then drain them very well and pour them into a separate container. Alternatively, you can cook the pumpkin with the microwave, pour the cubes into a container with a little water and start cooking for 5 minutes at maximum power.


Roll out the pizza dough on a rack after dividing it equally, place each pizza on a parchment paper lined baking sheet, prick the bottom, add a very thin layer of tomato, a little ricotta, then ricolla, cubes of butternut squash and lots of spinach evenly distributed, then a dash of parmesan, asiago and herb miv, a drizzle of olive oil. (Be careful to leave a little edge uncovered, so that the filling does not come out) Cook each pizza in a preheated oven in ventilated mode at 200 degrees for 15/20 minutes, then remove from the oven and enjoy.

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Ricotta cheese
Ricotta cheese