so you can produce a margarita in record time

so you can produce a margarita in record time

Do you love pizza but hate long rising times? We show you how to bake pizza in just two hours thanks to this trick.

How to make pizza rise quickly (Photo by stanislav_uvarov AdobeStock)


Symbol of Italy in the world, Pizza It is one of the most loved foods in history. Very popular especially in our country, where it is enjoyed in restaurants and pizzerias, pizza can also be made at home.

However, although it seems simple to make, this delicacy actually hides many pitfalls that could compromise the preparation. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the recipe, looking for the right ingredients and respecting the preparation and waiting times.

And wait times, specifically yeast times, scare most people away from the idea of ​​making a good homemade Saturday night pizza.

Still, there is a trick that would allow you to have a pizza with yeast in just two hours. This is what it is.

Pizza ready in two hours, this is how

As we know, the preparation of pizza involves first a dough, and then precisely yeast. The dough is made from flour, water, oil and yeast, which will help it rise and remain digestible, elastic and soft.

quick rise pizza trick
Impasto (photo by Parilov AdobeStock)

To obtain an excellent result, the total preparation requires several hours and a lot of organization, between the dough and the waiting times for the yeast.

However, it is possible to reduce time thanks to a different organization, which involves the use of an essential tool in the kitchen: the planetarium

With the help of the planetary mixer, we can reduce the time related to the preparation of the dough. In fact, we put all the ingredients inside the bowl and with the hook in operation we begin to knead, to obtain our dough quickly and also with little effort.

Once the dough has rested for about 30 minutes covered with a cloth, spread it directly on the trays, then leave it to rise for another 2 hours in the oven off.

quick rise pizza trick
Pizza ready in a few hours (photo by bnenin AdobeStock)

At this point we can turn on the oven at 220° and Season our pizzas and then bake them for 15 minutes. For an excellent result, we recommend you put only the tomato first, all other toppings being preferable, including mozzarella. add them a few minutes after the end of cooking.