Solaro, Vikings sprout in Groane Park

Solaro, Vikings sprout in Groane Park

Vikings have appeared at Solaro in Groane Park. On Easter days the Polveriera area of Solaro within Groane Park has become a small camp organized byascd svinfylkingan amateur cultural sports association based in Casorate Primo, founded in 2019.

Here at Parc Groane, the doors are always open for those who live in full respect of nature. So why not host a Viking village?”, commented from the Park.

The members of Svinfylking (ASCD Svinfylking Viking reenactors), a word that can be translated as “boar tooth warriors”, they set up an authentic Viking camp from Friday to Monday, sleeping in tents, cooking historical recipes and training with the Danish bow, sword and axe.

All the instruments were built directly by the members, who also used the field to test the equipment, as well as to remember the life of the Scandinavians.

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